Well I hated to do it and I hope the rest of you do not have to.
I called Bestbuy and explained the situation and under the circumstances I did not expect much since I have had the game 4 months or more. I told the manager there that that game itself worked on my system but that a save game bug made it unplayable after awhile. I also explained that I had waited this long to return the game in hopes a patch would solve the issue. Remarkably he agreed to let me return the game for a full refund. I am not mad at Larian/CDV and I am only posting this info so that folks can see that it is possible to return the game even if you have owned it for sometime. I fully intend to purchaes the game again once the issues have been fixed, but for now would like to have something I can play that's (relatively) bug free and sad to say that is not DD!

"if patience is a virtue how come I am virtually out of it?"