"Aegail. If I don't come back from my journey within a week, then I must be dead. If this happens to be the case then you must take up my quest."

Set a week after the events of Chapter 1, Bastard's estranged lover sets out to fulfill the quest that Bastard failed. Will she succeed where he failed? Will Joram stand in her way? What will she learn of her quest and will she avenge Bastard? Find the answer to all of these questions and more in the second chapter!

What the critics says:

Originally Posted by Larian Studios
Wow. Just wow.

Originally Posted by Gamespot
Demonic has truly surpassed everything with this production and has made a riveting tale worthy of existing within the Divinity universe.

Originally Posted by Forbes
The Damned One's Tale Chapter II has inspired me to take up arms once again in the Rivellon universe as I journey back to Divine Divinity. The Damned One's Tale deserves to be exalted as the best fan-made production ever. Period. Thank you Demonic, truly.

The Video:

Part 2, Enjoy!

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