Hi all,

As you no doubt noticed, the Divinity Anthology was announced today. We expect it to be in stores from October 16th onwards, and the price is set at 24,99/29,99/29,99US$.

We're also making a big fuss about selling or preordering it on the new and revamped Larian Vault , because each copy sold there is going to be signed by the team (at least while supplies last)

Also, if you're into behind the scenes stuff, you might want to read the story about how the Anthology came about, which is on my blog under the title - Hatching the Anthology .

Finally, in writing the Developer's journal, the book that comes with the Anthology I bumped into some old wallpapers that contained all of the characters from the forum that we included in Divine Divinity. We never did that again since then, but we should.

So please help remind us - it's the kind of stuff we love to do but we are often so busy that we just forget. It's quite cool to see so many years later that all those names in the games are linked to real people, or at least their avatars. Much better than Macbeth coming up with a name from a fantasy name generator anyway wink

Finally, we're going to hand out 10 copies of the Anthology here on the forum to those who've been active the longest and who are still active. Lynn will come up with a clever way of selecting you, and get in touch via pm.

Thanks for all the support these last 10 years! Whenever we release or do something, this is still the place we come to look to get an idea of what you think.