How do you complement dragon fighting and giving orders to your units? I think its pretty important for the right feel and ludicity of combat. For example:

- Could you pause combat?

- Could you show on screen icons of all units and/or static targets in the whole battle area? I mean icons with vital stats (health bars, damage) ?

- How are you informed about battle situation while you fly with a dragon? Simple voice over ("master, unit XY is attacked"), or voice + flash on the minimap etc.?

- Could you order your units to support you while in dragon combat? I mean you click button or push key of command "selected group of units/all units follow me", then attack some target and your units attack it too. Simple way.

- Does your dragon have quick regeneration in combat (if he fly away from enemies)? Or is it more tricky to heal, if he is badly wounded?

Regarding strategy on map:

- If you have just land and sea units and plan to attack an island province what are your options? You can attack only with air units? Or is there possible to build some sea/air transport vessels to board land units and bring them to an island?

And very tricky question:
- Could you switch youir dragon to autopilot? hahaha