On my games, I encounter some bugs I want to report :
- Units at the beginning of the fight appear out of the maps, in the Water (even if they are scouts)
- Problem with the names : Priest and Chaman, same unit, different name (same with the other)
- Having too many card made the game crash (more than 99, I think)
- Problem to play the card "destroy a mage tower" (unplayable)
- Being attacked on the protection of the immunity card
- Sometimes, infantry fly over the water

Some problems (in my idea) concerning the balancing

-Scouts are just awesome in campain... Maybe too much (they allow you to conquer the map.. But their capturing speed is maybe a litte too high isn't it ? Or they are too resistant).

Ergonomie issues
- When you clique twice on an unit, it selects all the units of the same kind... Even the one at the opposite side of the map.

Bilan (and positive things):
- The dragon seems to be great like that. Not too powerful, but really awesome to play.
- Great game... I hope to be able to fly in the Raven.
- Maybe not enough upgrades possibles (same problem in skirmish), you don't have this many different units)... I have a counter argument against my own concern : look, in Chess, you have only 6 differents units and many way to play them... I agree, but would love to see more things... or modded units (TA power)
- Very immersive, I'm eager to try it with someone else