So, here's the short history: I played chapter 1 earlier today, and I saved just after starting chapter 2 after talking to Maxos and going to the royal chambers. At that point, I saved to savefile "1" and closed the game. Later today, I naturally tried to resume my game.

First time I chose Continue and got a simple CTD with Dragon Commander has stopped working. Soon after, I started the game again, loaded save file "1" specifically and when it appeared to have finished loading, it froze. And I mean it froze completely, I could do nothing but shut down my lappy using the power button. Soon after I start it back up and it went into a CHKDSC scan.

Far as the many crashes I've seen, this one was pretty rough.

Now, my question is what files should I gather up to send to support? So far I can think of: a dxdiag and my save file. Any other files that I should include?

Edit: Apparently this was a one-time occurrence. After restarting Steam and starting the game, Steam had me accept the license agreement again, I booted up the game, tested that the game works with a random skirmish, tested the autosave at the start of chapter 2 and then loaded "1" and everything worked...

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