If you are running a 32 bit version of windows you may not be able to start a new game. I've come up with a hack that should get you past this problem.

Use this hack at your own risk. This 'hack' increases the user space available to windows at the cost of the system space. Some badly written drivers don't like this. So if your system becomes unstable your only option is to reset the changes the hack makes.

To activate the hack:

  • Right click on Command Prompt in the start menu (usually under accessories).
  • Select run as administrator.
  • In the command box type bcdedit /set increaseuserva 2560
  • It should say command completed successfully
  • Restart your computer.
  • Try DOS.

If DOS still crashes when you atart a new game try increasing the value after increaseuserva (up to the maximum value of 3096).

To reset the hack:

Do the above but instead of typing bcdedit /set increaseuserva 2560 type bcdedit /set increaseuserva 2048.