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#484977 02/04/14 10:00 PM
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The massive update from alpha to beta has hit Steam! The game is in its final stages of development. (Savegames are incompatible with the alpha version.)

Without further ado, the changelist that wouldn't fit in a Steam announcement:

- Added pickpocket mechanic
- Added more crafting mechanics
- Much more accurate picking
- Added "guard" feature. This will delay your turn until the end of the round
- Added a large amount of new statusses
- Added environment/weather system
- Added a lot of new AI routines to give more intelligence to NPCs and enemies
- You can hit surfaces with melee weapons now.
- A lot of enhancements to pathfinding
- Poison clouds will react to fire damage now
- NPCs can use cone based spells now
- Added new SSAO option
- Added Chat UI
- Added invulnerable status
- Added CanSee and CanShoot calls to AI
- Show game over screen when players are dead
- Sitting or sleeping now heals the character
- NPCs can open doors now
- Added correct descriptions to potions and consume results
- Added new shovel system
- Show overhead text on answers of other players in multiplayer
- Character can enter sneak now in combat
- Added touch skill animations
- Added file packing to further decrease load times
- Added continue button to main menu
- Completely revised character creation system
- Added first tutorial system
- Added system to better manage status visuals
- Added Ash and Ice death models
- Oil will slow players down
- You can start a single- or multiplayer game
- Added effect when hitting with elemental damage weapons
- Added camera interpolation system
- Added texture packer to decrease load times
- Added rain of arrows skill
- Added trap detection talent
- Physics for character will animate now
- Added weatherproof talent
- Added Vase container
- Added new cursors for ground attacks
- Added toggle armour to character creation screen
- Added 3D scene to main menu
- Added system to highlight all characters in you view
- The camera will focus better now on events happening during combat
- Added intro video

- Big optimizations to loading times
- Big optimizations to memory usage of game client
- Higher precision for projectile previews
- Fixed encumbrance problem
- Fixed big memory leak concerning effects
- Ally join allies in combat within sightrange
- Made sure that when picking up item from the ground that are already inside inventory, their is still a log about it
- Changed sneaking AP cost
- If you drag an item from your equiped slots to your inventory, it gets set in the first available slot
- Fixed character creation screen popping too fast
- Fixed jitter when swapping gender in character creation
- Fixed crash when summoning air elemental
- If you cast a "breath" attack spell from behind an object (e.g. a chest or counter, etc) then it will do dmg
- Fixed door vulnerability
- Fixed problem where you could use Rush to get past doors
- Fixed sneak issues in combat
- Fix where you didn't get XP for charmed kills
- Fixed a lot of situations where connections could fail
- Fixed attachments being attached to wrong skeleton
- Fix where casting non targeted skills (fear) would give a incorrect combatlog message
- Fix for NPCs not reacting when lighting fire to oil, etc..
- Fixed wrong previews for splitting arrow
- Target skill radius fix
- A big optimization to how the game shroud is synched to the players
- Small network improvements and extra logging
- Fix for not seeing if an item pickup will be considered stealing when pressing "alt"
- Changed combatlog on item pickup (will now be listed as stolen if so)
- No more tooltips for destroyed items
- Force clear UIDialog when unloading level
- Changed the check for the closing of container inventories
- Fix for Infectious Disease Radius
- Skillbar will be disabled on death now
- Removed wet effects for items
- Companions can't engage dialogs
- Added "need identifying glass" to identify string
- Added better barter trade tooltips
- No longer identify and repair price if trader is not skilled enough
- Fixed amount, weight and value in shop tooltips
- Increased durability loss when hitting objects
- Sight checks are done correctly now for dynamic objects
- Invisible characters don't flank or trigger attack of opportunity
- You can highlight targets in "fog of war", but you cannot directly attack them
- Fix for sheath/unsheath for combat
- Quiting game while server was loading would cause game to hang forever
- Skills in skilltree are now ordered alphabetically
- Only show playerlights for active players
- Changed secret system, added secret markers to journal and minimap
- Disabled Depth of Field in combat
- No highlights for invisible objects
- A hit without damage doesn't interrupt a character now
- Overlay materials are applied to effects now
- HP increase fixes when character gain talents or constitution...
- Fixed problems when teleporting character across levels
- Added more info to the loading screen
- Added progress bars to the loading screen
- Request removing of attached effects as soon as a character dies
- Fixed jitter when sitting
- Fixed preview for cone spells
- Fix for Attack of Opportunity previews not pointing the right way
- Fixed crash when fleeing combat with no available waypoints
- Saving throw for death removed
- Bumped savegame version
- Fixed non logical "Not enough space" issues while dragging items
- The camera will no longer keep scrolling when a message box pops up
- Dying in smoke will not make you invisible
- Fixed several flow issues when joining/disconnecting during dialogs
- A lot of minor stabilisation fixes

- Made changes so screen ratios > 16:9 work well now
- Added pickpocket UI
- New tooltip positioning system (works better with very wide resolutions)
- New loadingscreens
- New main menu art
- New skill tab
- Added RockPaperScissor UI
- Added secrets icon to maps
- Changed way UI fades work (works better with very wide resolutions)
- Equipment has toggle helmet visibility now
- Reworked character creation UI
- Target info now shows status names for NPCs
- Added subtitle system
- Itemsplitter is closed when the journal opens
- Added background to item splitter UI

- Always allow a client to connect to its local server
- Made adaptations so connections to local client/server will not go through the networking layer.
- Fixed bug causing ghost clients to appear in the multiplayer menu when restarting server while there are clients connected
- Avoid client always enabling UPnP, even when connecting to local server or a LAN address
- Avoid connecting / staying connected to NATPunch server if not required
- Various other small improvements and tweaks
- Fixed minor bug causing local client to be identified as NATPunch server

- Fixes to item names, NPC dialogs and in-game tooltips
- Fix: charmed characters cannot target you anymore
- Fix: AI should move if it cannot see or hit its target
- Updated descriptions of abilities
- Updated descriptions of skills
- New Witchcraft skills:
+ Oath Of Desecration
+ Malediction
+ Enfeebling Touch
+ Bloodletting
+ Blind
+ Absorb The Elements
+ Summon Undead
+ Summon Armoured Undead Decapitator
+ Destroy Summon
+ Vampiric Touch
+ Drain Willpower
+ Mass Weakness
+ Horrific Scream
+ Enfeeble
+ Death Punch
+ Invulnerability

- New Warrior skills:
+ Draw Blood
+ Crippling Blow
+ Helping Hand
+ Rage
+ Eroding Strike
+ Divine Light

- New Ranger skills:
+ Infect
+ Survivor's Karma
+ Ricochet
+ Treat Poison
+ First Aid
+ Doctor

- New Elemental skills:
+ Burning Touch
+ Cold Immunity
+ Bitter Cold
+ Headvice
+ Slow Current
+ Water Of Life
+ Summon Wolf
+ Midnight Oil
+ Wildfire (Haste)
+ Fortify
+ Bless
+ Farseer
+ Become Air
+ Poisoning Immunity
+ Shocking Touch
+ Burn My Eyes
+ Freezing Touch
+ Self Immolation
+ Invisible
+ Petrifying Touch
+ Smokescreen
+ Featherfall
+ Summon Bloodswarm
+ Electrified Immunity
+ Cleansing Water
+ Explode
+ Burning Immunity
+ Blessed Earth
+ Immolation
+ Remove Petrification
+ Mass Disease
+ Summon Spider
+ Lava Core
+ Nature's Curse
+ Make Invisible
+ Mass Slow

- Fix: should target invisible or sneaking characters
- New magic boosts and boost distribution for treasure generation
- Fixes to treasure (items dropped, magic applied, chances, tables, tables assigned)
- Fixes to default actions of items (pick up useful items, armor, equipment; open containers; use story and puzzle items)
- More items can now be destroyed, moved and picked up
- All mirrors are now interactable (display text)
- Better shovel/digging mechanic
- Folded shirts are no longer equipable, are just loot
- Treasure now drops potions other than just healing
- Victoria now has her own treasure table
- Pitchfork has stats now
- Fix: Key fix in abandoned cellar
- Iron gate in Esme's cellar now requires key
- Dungeon flamethrower guy now has better treasure
- Finding hidden item now plays effect on item
- Vase treasure and stats, can move and pick up vase
- Flamethrower skeleton now casts flamethrower cone spell
- Set container visuals for different containers
- The hole in the graveyard was too obvious, now requires digging
- Creating certain combos (res potions, arrows) has become a bit easier
- Stone cathedral guardians
- Renamed Jahan's Shirt to Jahan's Gambeson
- Updated Dietmar fight
- New scripts for enemies that heal and fix allies
- Fire mound near Charred Plains
- Charred Plains fight
- Shepherds and wolves fight
- Updated Sparkmaster fight
- Updated Evelyn's hideout
- Moved and removed books
- There are now recipes and lore books in Cyseal
- Braccus fight
- Church fights
- Created water arrows
- Melee enemies avoid heroes with the Stench talent
- Defined what tooltips should show when you hold ALT and what tooltips only show when you mouseover
- New char presets
- Hair colour names and skin colour names
- Treasure tables for luck
- Weaver has trading table
- Fix: Cyseal enemy level distribution
- Fix: archers could still shoot old targets (who could be dead)
- Short and long descriptions of presets
- Tutorial dungeon and start of Cyseal
- All staffs now do a type of elemental damage
- Item combos with rings now only work with "Jeweller Kit" and not normal rings
- Fix: All rings and amulets and belts should be wearable, not just the ones with stats
- Portraits of characters
- Uniform of Cyseal Soldiers
- More traders: can now trade with most NPCs
- Animals don't trade
- Rats now give hints and lore about the world
- Renamed some keys
- Renamed enemies
- Added digging in the graveyard
- Fixed and improved Headless Nick quest
- Improved crab summoner in Black Cove
- Minimap updated
- Added HasMetParty call to story
- Added more guards to Cyseal area
- Fixed a lot of issues in companion dialogs
- Fixed problems with traders on market
- Fixed issues with AI mesh on a lot of places
- Added more affection flags to characters
- Changed infected dog dialogs
- Added reactions when pickpocket fails
- Change companion dismiss method
- Removed party dialog on death
- Certain animals will not spot sneakers now
- Fix meteor skill
- Fixed shroud issues in the End of Time / Homestead

- [Block] Game gets blocked if you kill Evelyn & then talk to Jahan about it, while combat is not finished yet
- [Gameplay] Vandalizing a door -> go into combat -> guards still want to arrest you, dialog happens but still in combat
- [Gameplay] One of the sparring legionnaires is invulnerable, stuck in combat with him
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - cant select esmeralda through pillar - have to move camera and cant even see her
- [Gameplay] Remove the puzzle_hidden script from all items, it doesn't use PERCEPTION
- [Gameplay] Smokescreen arrow has no positive effect for player and has no current use
- [Gameplay] Madora has a point in 'Fire Elementalist', this is no longer necessary
- [Dialog] Dialog correction regarding trespassing
- [Gameplay] Bellegar addresses Roderick as female & Scarlett as male
- [Gameplay] apples are tomatoes or tomatoes are apples - i m confused
- [Gameplay] Combat with 2h weapon -> AP costs (balancing)
- [Gameplay] 'Tong' has no name or description
- [Gameplay] Smelly quest stuff can be equipped - if intended, they need wearable models
- [Gameplay] The Lighthouse Horror summons wolves but you dont see them appear at all, they just appear suddenly
- [Gameplay] Spider eggs start sliding/warping towards the player when attacked outside of combat
- [Gameplay] Charmed target still attacks my party members
- [UI] Mouse problems when using Fake Fullscreen in Combat
- [Gameplay] When you leave Bellegar's Cave (in Cyseal), the character spawns next to the entrance when leaving
- [Gameplay] Closets in cyseal dont have tooltip or name anymore
- [Gameplay] Loremaster should say it needs an identifying glass
- [Gameplay] Black bill polearm is an axe
- [Gameplay] Charm skill - when an npc comes out of charm he still hits his buddies in the same turn
- [Gameplay] [charm skill] Targets that were charmed and are hit by enemies of the player, keep hitting that target after being uncharmed
- [dialog] Immaculate 'Sowrdsman' typo
- [Dialog] Was in dialog with companion -> NPC which triggers a dialog passes and the dialog gets stuck
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - if i get caught hitting the backdoor of esmeralda, the guard says i have butterfingers and will call the guards
- [Gameplay] Opening door to Evelyn's room in her lair does not trigger combat, this allows player to start picking off cultists
- [Dialog] Affection dialog logic mishap
- [Gameplay] The trap inside Cyseal Inn's cellar destroys the chest it is protecting
- [Gameplay] The Guards that apprehend me after stealing are Dark Cultists (Luculla)
- [Gameplay] After helping the three sailors to find a new job sailors and captain both are attitude 0
- [Gameplay] If a companion casts a damaging spell on himself, he throws out a warning as if player char attacked him
- [community] Cyseal - mayor should come down again if you dont join him upstairs to see his library
- [Graphics] No mini-map & map for 'Mirror Dungeon' in Cyseal
- [CYS Upgrade] When you find the Reveal Spell in Evelyn's house, there should be a journal entry.
- [Gameplay] Banter with companions still includes dual conversation even if the game option is disabled
- [Gameplay] The AoE attacks that the Demons do (the talking statues in Cyseal) makes them aggro each other
- [Gameplay] Can see NPC trigger event in distance, causing NPC to teleport from a location to another (Luculla)
- [Gameplay] No XP reward when you turn in 'Eglandear's quest'
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - the table outside esmeralda s house is really a chair and you can sit inside of said tablechair
- [Gameplay] If you say "en garde!" in dialog against a guard (after talking to him unsheathed) he calls for a guard to save him
- [Gameplay] Secret hatch in black cove gives exploration exp twice ?
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - blood feud - i ve killed victoria and cecil still has dialog about driving him away
- [Gameplay] If you fail to destroy Snorri's object he doesnt do anything & quest doesnt close
- [Gameplay] Buying Victoria's amulet breaks quest
- [Gameplay] Snorri's Tombstone got thrown IN the floor
- [Gameplay] Resurrect skill is linked to 'Way of the Ranger'
- [Gameplay] Inspire skill : buff icon has no tooltip info
- [Gameplay] Warrior skill Rush never knockdowns a target
- [Gameplay] Fumble 'Beauty & The Beast' quest: if you get the quest & then kill the troll, the quest does not close
- [Gameplay] Get into combat for a brief moment when attacking spider eggs, then get out immediately after
- [Gameplay] Kelvania has empty dialog nodes
- [Gameplay] Cyseal Northern Cave -> water plane issue? Water sounds playing when walking
- [Gameplay] Right-click on bloodstone -> empty message box appears
- [Animation] Beam effect from "healing stone" at Evelyn's clinic does not disappear
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - healing patients - they are standing in their chairs
- [Questlog] No questlog update when you ask Aureus about the expidition to the undead church
- [Gameplay] Thelyron's patients quest: patients models just standing there if u dont complete quest at all
- [Gameplay] Selecting a hired follower and trying to have a dialog with an NPC with him, breaks the dialog
- [charm] If you hit a guard that is charmed, he says AD not to hit him
- [Gameplay] When in Hall of Heroes (Planeshelter), the map shown is incorrect
- [Gameplay] Wrong placement of parchment from dying orc in Black Cove
- [Gameplay] Lighthouse cellar stairs (Cyseal) often do not allow the player to enter the cellar
- [Gameplay] Prisoners should not join the battle. they did not move or do anything until its forced end turned
- [Animation] When lying down on devices/furniture, the model of the player does not always correspond to the object's model
- [Gameplay] Can interact with all bookcases, except with the 3 shown here (Cyseal)
- [Gameplay] At the shore there seem to be misplaced Stardust plants (Cyseal)
- [Assert] Assert during combat: esv::OsirisCharacterFunctions::CharacterMoveToCharacter is used on an invalid character!
- [Gameplay] AD about Evelyn's death in Evelyn's hideout is triggered incorrectly
- [Gameplay] NPC stuck at Cyseal Market
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - the guards at top of the bridge are saying good to have you back when i pass the first time
- [Gameplay] Have to drag-click the tombstone (while having enough STR to do it) in order to open it, clicking does not work
- [Graphics] The chicken in Cyseal Market is clipping in the stool, no longer standing on it
- [Gameplay] Charlene (citizen in Cyseal) is not killable, doesnt take damage & doesnt go in combat
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - fish thief - if you let him steal and dont tell the guards, the vendor should reduce his attitude
- [Gameplay] Sheathe mechanic on councillor Jake does nothing
- [Gameplay] When you rehire madora , the dialog stays open and the first option that hires her is replaced by the one to fire her
- [Gameplay] Orc Shaman tries to cast lightning bolt on Scarlett, even though Scarlett is far off & not part of the fight
- [Gameplay] Skills: target skills that use weaponrange also inflict status on self when in close range
- [Gameplay] You can complete the 'Lost Love at the Lighthouse' quest twice in a row
- [Gameplay] Lightning Strike does not trigger the electrify effect on surfaces
- [Gameplay] Casting invisbility near objects also makes those objects invisible
- [Combat] You can cast offensive spells & Arrow abilities on yourself
- [Dialog] AD says "awfullt agitated" -> needs to be "awfully"
- [Gameplay] your companions say ouch if you hit then with AE spells in combat
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - snorri tomb - dialog type : could've be(en)
- [Dialog] Conrad dialog lacks a question mark
- [Gameplay] Deer has stub dialog
- [Gameplay] Every time youre near a buried treasure the currently leading character yells "Careful! I spotted a trap."
- [Gameplay] Player characters have empty entries in combat log dialog when pulling levers/fixing puzzles
- [Gameplay] If you attack the guards during AD, they finish their AD in combat
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - 2 guards that are supposed to run together can get separated but still talk to eachother
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - mortician - there are books on his chair, which dont move if you move the chair
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - you can drag ishmashell allover cyseal
- [Gameplay] Character does not sheathe weapon after dialog with NPC where player char agrees to sheathe
- [Gameplay] Random spurting water placed in Cyseal
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - leggionnaires at the burial mound - you find out thelyron is the mastermind and there is no questlog update
- [Gameplay] Magic: Saving throws, resistances and setting statuses
- [Gamepla] Nick's Talking Head (Cyseal): can no longer talk to it, only pick it up immediately
- [Gameplay] Guard in the warehouse does not react to player opening door or moving in the southern storage room
- [Gameplay] In combat, when invisible - the enemies still follow you around
- [Gameplay] If you carve a tooth with a knife, you get an apparently ordinary arrowhead
- [SWENLIST] Farseer boost 500
- [SWENLIST] Rush doesn't take weapon damage
- [SWENLIST] Lower cost of bitter cold so you can chain it with ice shard
- [Gameplay] "Thug camp" on the path away from Bellegar, toward Evelyn's lair, needs a Player Comment
- [Dialog] Questlog update "Guards at the bridge" -> shown in between brackets
- Luculla - alfie escort quest - the log says Whoops! x died for each of them
- cyseal - councillor wife quest - last entry in questlog is stub
- [Tooltip] Type with action points
- [Gameplay] New DD after reading infected dog book
- [Gameplay] Community feedback about some quests that do not really resemble quests in the journal
- [Gameplay] New Source trader in Cyseal
- [Gameplay] Mirror dungeons: Created surfaces hurt the spawned enemies because they spawn in them
- [Dialog] Typo in dual dialogs 'All right' -> 'Alright'
- [Gameplay] Esmeralda says "So Jake was a sourcerer" but you don't know this yet
- [Gameplay] Bellegar and his followers do not fight back when they are in combat
- [General] Starstone situations should be a lot cooler everywhere in the game
- [Gameplay] Starstone lying at the entrance towards Luculla does not zap the player
- [Gameplay] Ranged Power Stance: currently has -25% hit chance, unlike the melee stance
- [Gameplay] Community: rename chest to evidence chest in aureus barracks
- [Gameplay] If you talk to 2nd henchman with your first henchman, his dialog progresses even though he says i talk to your boss
- [Gameplay] Treasure under the pink tree (north of cyseal) is gone
- [Gameplay] Guiding of players to left path instead of top path
- [Gameplay] Arhu no longer cares if you rob him blind when he is in cat form
- [Gameplay] When a character dies that has an exclamation mark (indicating a party dialog), the mark disappears after ressing
- [Gameplay] Lockpicks do not stack in inventory
- [Gameplay] Talking head quest: If you don't have the requested 6 gold to hire the crowd warmer the dialog reflects that fact, bu
- [SWENLIST] Wulfram trading table ?
- [Gameplay] While Evelyn is talking, the cultists around her are in combat with the player and moving already
- [Cyseal] Guards at city gates should have Hi and Bye ADs
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - mortician - if you fail the CIR check, let him confess if ledger is in inventory and read
- [Story] Issue with crime scene info
- [Gameplay] Cant leave Braccus Rex' area, AIgrid is blocking off exit
- [Graphics] Floating shovel in Cyseal graveyard
- [Gameplay] Zixzax at the well
- [Dialog] First dialog with Arhu at the Cyseal gate -> Arhu dialog is incorrect, starts talking about 'mines' and 'Alfie'
- [Gameplay] Evelyn's clinic star stone effect seems incorrect and not getting a party dialog after event happens
- [Gameplay] Homestead: if ice theme is picked, can not 'Return to central room' from observatory
- [Dialog] No 'leave' node on city guards when trying to get them to open the city gates
- [Gameplay] The Orcs in Evelyn's hideout -> Wave them off, then attack them when they are friendly -> still performing script
- [Gameplay] Asking "Duke of Ferol" about his relation with Esmeralda makes him drop a lot of attitude & attack you
- [Gameplay] You can trade with Zombie Jake
- [Graphics] If you manage to destroy doors with magical locks, the lock keeps floating in the air
- [Crash] Using 'Rain' on the burning chest in Cyseal does not work, chest keeps being aflame
- [Gameplay] Spawning location when using 'Cyseal Statues' Waypoint is off
- [Gameplay] Can pick up paintings that are hiding secret triggers, when you use lever this looks extremely buggy
- [Gameplay] Graveyard Tender -> he hits the bombers himself and player gets no chance to react before death
- [Gameplay] Siva at Cyseal: can dig up her daughter's grave when she is mourning at it -> she should go mental
- [Gameplay] Evelyn fight -> she joins too late, her AD is happening from too far off which causes her not to join combat
- [Gameplay] Can pickpocket animals, ghosts and elementals
- [Gameplay] Sam's collar is still in your inventory after you give it to him to complete his quest
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - graveyard entrance has tombtones without text and nothing interesting to do
- [CYS Upgrade] The Jake quest generally seems to work, but it misses some finishing touches and player feedback to make it really
- [Quest feedback] Oddities with Evelyn items regarding 'evidence'
- [Dialog] AD in Unsinkable Sam dialog 'chocker' -> 'choker'
- [Dialog] Unsinkable Sam dialog missing an 'a'
- [Gameplay] Pontius Pirate: picking up the bloodstone does not prevent the pirate from resurrecting
- [Gameplay] Line of sight issues with open gates
- [Gameplay] Little Bo Bertia quest: if you manage to take the gold from Roberts with a CIR, you cant give it to Bertia
- [Gameplay] Two chests north of Cyseal in unpassable AIgrid
- [Gameplay] Issues with characters in jail in combat
- [Gameplay] Get into combat with a guard -> the guard runs up to you and hits you once before starting turnbased combat
- [Dialog logic] I gave an item to Rodrick as Scarlett, but it was Scarlett that started a party dialog saying "thank you"
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - blood feud - there should be some sort of reprecussion for killing victoria
- [Gameplay] Evelyn can call for help from her "fellow guards", and a couple dialogue inconsistencies
- [Gameplay] Poisoned an Earth Demon and it damage it
- [Gameplay] Empty mug -> changes into Cup of Water
- [Gameplay] Undead archer in cyseal with no weapon equipped
- [Gameplay] When trying to lie down on an occupied object, the error message it gives make it look like object is speaker
- [Gameplay] Barred jail door gives line of sight issues, you should have full line of sight through barred doors
- [dialog] Lonewolf companion changes
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - lighthouse quest - when you tell on the guards after you give info, they pop out of screen
- [Gameplay] Grieving Orc quest -> the AD you get after saying you won't loot the body is incorrect
- [Gameplay]Ccyseal - entertainers at the fair - no quest log updates
- [Gameplay] The Councillor's Wife quest does not close after completing the main storyline quest in Cyseal
- [Gameplay] Legionnaire Lighthouse Quest: quest doesnt finish in journal if you make the guards go check themselves
- [Gameplay] Cyseal - taking cecil living area key gets warning but does not throw key back
- [Gameplay] After you completed "A mysterious murder" in Cyseal, a follow-up quest should appear in journal
- [Gameplay] cyseal - guards lighthouse quest - once they end up in the cook s house they are spamming old AD's
- [Gameplay] cyseal - legionnairs at lighthouse run at the lighthouse and yell ghost but he s in the cellar now
- [Dialog] Party dialog after stealing and killing an innocent -> no longer gives you bonus "traits"
- [Dialog] With Septimus (Esmeralda Guard) saying "About Jake's death.." triggers his "do you have evidence?" dialog
- [Gameplay] I have some issues with Yoranus

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You've done good Larian, you've done good.

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Yes that's a changelog and the DL is more than 1.7GB! Downloading now ;D

thanks for your Nightshift-work - now it's night shift for me too;

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Have fun
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Damn you Larian, damn you... because of you i'll just have to call in sick at work in a few hours because... something...

Downloading now...

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Starting another run now. The level of polish has exponentially increased.

Might be time to update the forum with a DOS theme instead of the DC one think

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it is 2.10am here, I have to go to work tomorrow morning... DAMN YOU LARIAN !!! I am soooooo weak-willed...

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Thanks for the update, especially the menu and loading screens, now my cataracted eyes no longer wish to bleed at the glaring white screens that were before... However...

I hope you have a way to tone down these interactive/moving loading menu screens as they're basically sucking down the CPU power of my computer.

Moving the mouse makes it flitter around the screen in a jerking motion, trying to position the mouse on top of a menu button is tough now, and getting the game to recognize that I have clicked a button once I manage to get my mouse on it often seems to take 2 or more tries.

That's as far as I've gotten into this update, the menu screen with how they are animated are beautiful indeed but totally sucking down CPU power or GPU power to display them, maybe you need to move the mouse into it's own thread or disconnect it from the main game or whatever it is that other developers have done when the mouse becomes jerky depending on what is going on in their own games.

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... WoW! ...

and... umm... more WoW!

that list is Epic! luv it!

and still only Beta!

as always, Larian Studios never fails to impress smile

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Originally Posted by Weston
I hope you have a way to tone down these interactive/moving loading menu screens as they're basically sucking down the CPU power of my computer.

If you use the arrow keys, Enter (select) and Esc (back) to get into the video options, do you still have mouse problems there (no animation, or even background)? Does it help in the main menu if you lower the game resolution?
If you start a new game, do you have any mouse problems? In the character creation screen you can not use the arrow keys or Enter to select the Accept button.

Please email, with a description of the problem and the file generated by the D:OS support tool.

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Joined: Jan 2012
This is freaking hilarious! You should check the announcement on Facebook! All those fans wondering why Larian is making publicity for The Wheel of Time! Is this source magic about channeling the one power perhaps? I'm laughing my ass off!

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jawdropTHANK groovyYOU headbanging VERY MUCH!!!

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hahahahaha Lotrotk "(Picture is an avatar from someone on our forum, unrelated to Divinity.)"

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Well that answers what I'll be spending my precious time on this evening laugh

It's one of these days...
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Of it never enough! (Sounds awfully better in polish... AND IT RHYMES)
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Great patch, the game looks much better. Thanks!

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I can't wait for the Linux version to come out (sound isn't working right in Wine).

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Sound isn't working right in the game anyway, even for Windows users.
Doesn't have anything to do with Wine...

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There may be problems with the sound, but there are also problems with Wine. Half of the games that do run in my Steam library via Wine don't have sound. I think this has to do with my sound deivce being somewhat non-standard.

CPU: i7-4930k, Gfx: EVGA 950, RAM: 16GB DDR3-2133 (quad channel), OS: Arch Linux
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old hand
old hand
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It might have to do with pulse-audio vs direct sound - have you tried shutting down pulse-audio ?

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Sound files are easily converted to ogg format. Thanks for the unprotected soundtracks!

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