Hey everyone (who reads this)!

A couple of months ago (or nearly a year...) I noticed that the Imperial Edition does not include some soundtracks which you can hear in game. I searched for these soundtracks, but could not find them and did not care for it a for a long while. After I searched again (just a few weeks ago) I finally found a thread (http://www.larian.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=473670#Post473670) which helped me finding the soundtracks among the files in the game data and converting them into mp3. (For whatever reason the other thread which showed how to convert these trange files were unaccessable for non-members until a couple of days ago...)
Long story short: I uploaded them on YouTube! I hope some people will read this and maybe I can makes someone happy who searched for these soundtracks as well! smile (Or maybe I was too dumb to notice that there already was a thread with all the missing soundtracks..in that case...please close and delete this thread laugh )


And now go back and play Divinity: Original Sin!!!

Spiegelberg! He, Spiegelberg! Die Bestie hoert nicht.