I would like to start by saying that I love this game and the addition of the Arena game mode in DOS2 is awesome.

My perspective on the available class templates.

Warrior (20 Initiative - Highest)

The Rogue and Warrior are the only classes that get talents. Both have Opportunist which makes sense they are melee classes. Rogue has Back-Stabber (obviously) and the Warrior gets Comeback Kid -- which can make the difference between winning and losing a match. The Warrior also has an impressive assortment of available skills at her disposal -- mobility, crowd control, buffs, and powerful damage -- she's got it all. In my opinion the warrior is essential in any party. I would even go as far as to say the warrior is a bit overtuned.

Ranger (18 Initiative)

I think the Ranger skill set needs to be revisited. I absolutely love using Tactical Retreat and Arrow Storm but some other skills find little use to no use -- First Aid, Ricochet, four source skills. Aside from that and some weird platform to platform targeting Ranger is decent.

Wizard (16 Initiative)

The Wizard is the only template to have their racial skill. He also has 1 AP cost skills like Hail Strike, Teleport, and Netherswap that make for some very interesting matches. Only one Source Skill but it does high damage and easily breaks through magic armor. I really enjoyed playing the Wizard.

Rogue (14 Initiative - Lowest)

Rogues can hold their own and make for some devastating assassinations but I would argue they are in a pretty bad spot. I believe this because stealth/invisibility seems very fragile at the moment. There are many effects from both the environment and players that can expose rogues. There are also camera bugs that will center on movement and buffs that are visible during stealth/invisibility.

General notes and things that I would like to see added/changed.

- I think that source pools on smaller maps should be:

swapped for bodies/cost 1AP to absorb like bodies/moved

- Allow each player to select consumables prior to the match in the character select screen. (this could also be done for skills/talents)

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