Quest: The Teleporter

Issue: Complete the quest up until the point where you teleport Gawin to the first ledge near the tree trunk. Wait for him to teleport you down. Now:
1. Teleport him across, and talk to him.
2. While having the dialogue window open, wait for the teleport cooldown to run out, so you can recast teleport.
3. End dialogue, and teleport Gawin back to the tree trunk area.
This triggers some weird dialogue options (Gawin repeats 'Come closer so I can see you'), while my main character says the tree trunk should have enough would to make a ladder (note: I am playing with 1 character).
More importantly however; Gawin continues teleporting my character to the tree trunk, repeatedly (because I am already on the tree trunk area). When I leave through the tree trunk hole, he inevitably teleports me back up and the quest seems to reset so he wants me to teleport him across the ravine.

Expected result: Either not allow dialogue once Gawin is across the ravine, or if you are able to teleport him back (e.g. a second character with Teleport skill), for him to apologize. Maybe he offers to teleport you across first instead. The player can then choose to leave Gawin there, or help him across as well.

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