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Joined: Sep 2016
Location: Antarctica
This is a bug report topic that I will be updating as I encounter more and more bugs. (and will remove the ones that are fixed in future updates)

-Delay when consuming multiple things too quickly. (probably due to the animation, but it's still very annoying)
-You can't learn a skill while wearing an item that gives you that skill.
-If there is too much of a height difference between your characters, they will sometimes stop following. (unchaining doesn't help)
-"Slip the jar into your backpack" line doesn't work on some jars in the Illusionist's cave. (Specifically: Tarnished, Sparkling, Antiquated and Icy soul jars)
-Characters will go into combat mode when activating a trap (with no enemies nearby)
-Sometimes, giving Gratiana her soul jar doesn't remove it from your inventory. (If you talk to her again, she'll ask if you have the soul jars - again)
-Can't move some items (like books, buckets, skulls) it says "not enough space".
-Some enemies are able to move in the player's turn.
-Sometimes when you talk to an NPC, the dialogue keeps closing instantly, not allowing you to talk to said NPC. (You can still talk using your other characters)

-When you pick up Flenser's inert wand, your character says something like "PC: inert wand comments"
-One line of text is completely missing on the "Icy soul jar" in The illusionist's cave. (when you select "continue" the text remains the same, leaving you confused)
-Dialogue with Delorus, 3rd dialogue option reads "you" instead of "your".
-Dialogue with Duggan "Spaeak" instead of speak. (among other typos, this dialogue has a couple of them)
-Dialogue with Bahara, she says "Perhaps she will (tell) you her tales" Missing "Tell"
-Dialogue with the Illusionist (Trompdoy). "I don't rightly now" instead of "know"
-"Throwing Knife" skill has "CanBackstab" specialty, without a space in between.

-Hair disappears whenever the helmet is hidden.
-The back sides of elven helmets and insides of clothes/armor are colorless, making it look like a visual glitch. (and very unpleasant to see)
-Elven robes sometimes clip through the character and get stuck inside him.

[User Interface]
-Selecting save files is very difficult, you need to find the sweet spot to select them.
-Skill filters in the skills window don't work well. Skills you've hidden appear again, making it harder to find the skills you're looking for.
-A random bug that changes the text color of the item descriptions and quests in the journal to purple.

3. Certain "lights" inside caves decrease fps by 30. (Specifically: The light coming down the ladder in the arena)

Joined: Sep 2016
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Joined: Sep 2016
Location: Texas
One more: In PvP and the arena, you can see sneaking enemies on the minimap.

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