i really liked the adventure kits in DOS:EE and that you find the parts in the world so its promoting and rewarding exploration, what would be nice to see is adventure kits not limited to just weapons but also armor or rings/amulets.

example: we can find Braccus Rex armor pieces around the island, but some of the items dont have an effect, so make the pieces adventure kit themed, so as you adventure you can power up the gear by finding specific items that restore the Braccus Rex armor pieces to their full power.

may not be the best example but adventure kits in DOS:2 would be nice, that what i want to say smile

Edit: one thing that also would be nice is that the upgraded items change their apperance a little, for example an upgradeble sword starts with a look like a normal sword and when you upgrade it it gets rune carvings on the blade and a magical glow, or if you take a chest armor it start as a standart but then get a unique texture or something along those lines, so that the upgrade is both presented in the items stats/effects and visually

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