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#589467 26/09/16 02:00 PM
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I have just published a new mod to the Steam workshop. It is a main campaign mod.

The following is included as books in the mod, it serves as a readme and changelog.

The mod is a beta until I know everything works as expected ;-)

*This mod does not work with existing savegames*
*This mod can not work together with other Steam mods*
*This mod might work with a lot of existing graphical changes mods from Nexus, but will probably conflict with most other mods*

2016-10-12: the mod is now available for download from Nexus: XC_Bags
(Unpack the zip, copy the unpacked .pak file to Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition\Mods and activate the mod in the game's mod menu. Do not activate any other mod there at the same time.)

2016-11-04: six-man-party version published (follow the thread for differences): 6-man-party version

This mod requires starting a new game.

Major Features

Magic Bags
- come in categories for different types of items (like arrows, grenades, scrolls, ...)
- every player and each of the 4 main companions have one of each category
- cannot be sold to traders (no accidental selling possible)
- cannot be sent to homestead, choosing 'Send to Homestead' only sends the bag contents to the homestead
- automatically suck in objects configured for them when the objects are added to a character's inventory
- eject everything that is not configured for them (exceptions: equipment bag and tools bag)
- can be disabled with a skill to no longer suck in anything; item ejection cannot be disabled
- there are two bags that allow manual adding of items: equipment bag and tools bag
- can be transferred between characters to transport items
- the content of a transferred bag is automatically moved to the target's magic bag of the same category; if magic bags are turned off, a transferred bag is unloaded to the target's main inventory
- there is a bag controller that unloads a bag to main inventory if put into a bag; the bag controller can be used from the right-click menu to unload all bags to main inventory
- unloading one or all bags with the controller automatically turns 'magic suck-in' functionality off
- when off, turn magic functionality on again with the 'Magic Bag Control' skill, items are then immediately sucked into their configured bags, except unread books
- magic bags and controllers are automatically transferred from companions to players when companions leave the party
- important books and scrolls 'wait' in main inventory until read once before they move to a bag; for internal technical reasons, some scrolls or books do that on every transfer to other characters while some only do it once
- 'waiting' books are not moved to bags immediately after being read but when the next movable item is picked up
- tenebrium items don't go into any bag until the Tenebrium ability is unlocked (not even for Bairdotr)
- tenebrium items automatically go into the blood stone cage if that is carried by a character until Tenebrium is learned
- characters no longer get a 'Source Hunter Backpack', main companions get no normal backpacks
- when magic bags are turned off, this fact is shown by the status 'Clean' at the character portrait; using a blood stone or star stone removes this status and thus turns bags on again
- Magic Bags cannot be unloaded to the character inventory by pressing the space bar; space bar only closes a backpack; this is an intended built-in functionality of backpack type containers
- it is technically impossible to provide a 'Sort' or a 'Compress Content' function for backpacks, Larian would have to implement that; for now, content can be 'compressed' indirectly by dragging the controller into a bag and use the 'Magic Bag Control' skill immediately afterwards (what this would do is 'deactivate bags - unload bag - activate bags - suck in items')
- all bags are named after their owners; this is for convenience only to make it easier to identify bags when transferring them between characters; the main companion bags are named after the companions (e.g. "Bairdotr's Quiver"); the player bags are named after Scarlett and Roderick; if there are two male or two female players, the second player either get the bags from 'Swen' or 'Doreen'; both 'Swen' and 'Doreen' are purely fictional names, nobody in the real world would have such a name ...

New 'Homestead' containers
- Mayor Cecil has set up 22 new containers for the Source Hunters which replace the function of the Homestead chests on his property at the Cyseal North Gate waypoint; objects sent to Homestead no longer go to the personal chests in the Homestead but to new containers
- each of the new containers has a unique look, some have some decoration to look a little bit better
- most of the ingame items are configured to be distributed to specific containers when sent to the containers via the 'Send to Homestead' right-click menu entry
- items not configured for a specific container go to the 'Rabbit Hole' (which is one of the 22)
- homestead containers take anything you put into them, unlike magic bags, they never throw out anything automatically
- magic bags send their content to the containers instead of being moving to a container themselves when 'Send to Homestead' is used on them; bags can still be manually moved to a container (suggestion: tools cage)
- bag controllers cannot be sent to homestead via menu; manual dropping controllers into one of the containers is possible (suggestion: tools cage)
- none of the containers uses the backpack container type, so it is possible to unload them to your inventory by pressing the space bar or klicking the take all button, so be careful, usually, you do not want that
- 'Send to Homestead' is enabled from the beginning of the game
- like with backpacks, container content cannot be sorted or compressed (this functionality is not in the game); there is no practical workaround for this as there is one for bags

Cyseal Crafting Station
- a new crafting station with all required crafting facilities next to the new homestead at Cyseal's North Gate waypoint
- four new crafting facilities, a distillery, a crafter statue, a wine cask and a beer keg
- the barrels (water, oil, ooze) are only for crafting and do not work as their regular counterparts do (e.g. they do not explode when hit with fire); the barrels weigh less than the normal versions, so it's easier to pick them up for crafting; they are a bit smaller than normal water/oil/ooze barrels
- distillery can be used to dump potions or bottles or to clean out all carbon from steel bars
- crafter statue is used to put crafting and blacksmithing buffs on belts and bracers, and for some other recipes
- some crafting facilities an be moved or picked up, but they can never leave the crafting area; if one of the moveable facilities is moved out of the area, it will be moved back automatically and it might say something
- the same happens if you leave the crafting area with a picked up facility in your inventory
- move or carry a facility out of the crafting area to force it to be moved to its original position
- characters have their Loremaster skill boosted to 5 while within the crafting area; the Loremaster boost is removed when leaving the area
- Victoria has put a couple of crafting recipe books on a shelf at the crafting station site (hopefully, the authors have included all crafting recipes)

- 'soft cap' increased from level 20 to 25
- unbreakable lockpicks and trap disarm kits
- new unsellable tools and crafting tools that replace the regular ones

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Changes from the unmodded game:

- new: 'Magic Bag Control', turns auto-distribution to magic bags on/off
- new: 'Field Bed' and 'Coffin', call forth a field bed that you can lie on to regenerate health; use of 'Coffin' requires the Zombie talent; the field beds talk; lying down to heal is MUCH faster than any healing skill, only consumables might heal faster because their effect is instant
- new Aerotheurge: 'Feather Drop' has returned, Adept, cannot teleport enemies
- new Pyrokinetic: 'Burning Blaze' has returned, Adept, not much of AoE effect
- new Hydrosophist: 'Waterball', Novice, a water version of Flare
- new Expert Marksman: 'Brand-New Medication', Novice, a 'First Aid' with side-effects
- new Scoundrel: 'Distract', Novice, hit target turns around; only usable on enemies in combat
- new Man-at-Arms: 'Draw Blood', Master, inflicts bleeding
- new Man-at-Arms: 'Eroding Strike', Master, inflicts weak and can lower bodybuilding
- new Man-at-Arms: 'Breach Defenses', Master, tank, a whirlwind like AoE, lowers bodybuilding and physical resistance, requires a shield
- Brand-New Medication, Waterball and Distract can be taken in character creation
- added missing scrolls for Netherswap, Summon Poison Slug, Decaying Touch and Mass Healing
- Staff of Magus (and Jahan) no longer has a cooldown
- some elemental school and Witchcraft skills have their range increased to 15 (mostly buffs like Fortify, cleanses or Avatars)
- range of Soulsap reduced to 15, range of enemy Soulsap increased to 15
- all Expert Marksman skills and special arrows have a range of 18
- enemies have the same range increases
- Barbed Wire requires a melee weapon, no longer a shield
- Survivor's Karma increases chance to hit (5%)
- Fireballs and arrows no longer fly straight but in a curve
- First Aid and Brand-New Medication additionally remove Decaying Touch
- Doctor additionally removes Slowed and Crawling Infestation
- cooldown of several Scoundrel skills reduced (some are way too high when compared to Man-at-Arms skills with identical effects, like 'Trip')
- damage of Shadow Step modified (little idea how much better it works, should be much higher damage now, added a multiplier of 250), cooldown reduced to 10-8 from 11-9
- changed 'Become Air' from once per combat to 12-10 turns cooldown
- Daggers Drawn now has a damage multiplier of 100% instead of 70%
- a character who learns Tornado automatically gets a second version of it with much lower cooldown; the second Tornado has an AP cost of 25 and can only be used outside of combat
- when Tornado is unlearned, the second OOC version is unlearned when another Adept Aerotheurge skill is learned (removing it immediately is technically almost impossible)
- the second Tornado - 'Violent Summer Breeze' - only removes Burning but not Hasted or Invisibility
- changed skill descriptions of several skills that remove statuses and don't show that in their description or don't show all of them
# Avatar of Air
# Avatar of Poison
# Avatar of Fire
# Avatar of Water
# Blessed Earth
# Purifying Fire
# Cleansing Water
- Fortify removes Weak
- Encourage removes Fear
- Wind of Change additionally removes Charmed

Scrolls and Skillbooks
- all scrolls replaced by new ones to disable some old incorrect crafting recipes
- there are now scrolls for Netherswap, Summon Poison Slug, Decaying Touch and Mass Healing
- There are now scrolls for all skills of Expert Marksman, Man-at-Arms and Scoundrel
- most of them are no usable scrolls but 'skill descriptions' that are only useful to create skillbooks
- empty scrolls and empty skillbooks for the physical skill schools
- all Skillbooks can now be bought from skill traders, though not all from every trader (Cyseal traders for example carry all Novice and some Adept skillbooks)
- The highest level skillbooks are still only available from the elementals in the homestead (they can be crafted from scrolls of course with enough Crafting)

Talent Books
- to implement lowered requirements and 'alternative requirements', there are now 'talent books' from which talents can be learned
- talent books require one spare talent point (with a few exceptions)
- requirements to learn are lowered compared to the default game and there are alternative possible requirements for some talents (e.g. Lightning Rod can be learned with either Aerotheurge 3 or Scoundrel 5)
- talent books go to the scrolls bag or skillbook container (there is no separate skillbook bag)
- the following requirement changes were made compared to the standard game (asterik marks an alternative requirement):
# Avoid Opportunists: Scoundrel 2*
# Headstrong: Man-at-Arms 5*
# Lightning Rod: Aerotheurge 3 or Scoundrel 5*
# Sidestep: Man-at-Arms 5*
# Stand Your Ground: Bodybuilding 4
# Voluble Mage: Willpower 4 or Witchcraft 3*
# Weatherproof: Geomancer 1

Traders and Treasure
- Cylia the Enchantress at the Cyseal market no longer sells ingredients
- there is a new ingredient trader at the Cyseals North Gate waypoint
- veggie seller at Cyseal Market now sells wheat
- Bertia now sells meat, milk and honey
- Cyseal's fish vendor now sells crab claws (randomly 3 or 11 on every restock)
- there is a now soap seller (waiting to be found IN Cyseal, find him/her)
- all tools have been removed from traders because they are no longer needed
- some traders carry single instances of a tool so you can buy it to unlock one of the new ones (for example Shereth sells one lockpick and one disarm kit for the tutorial dungeon skippers)
- Gerome the painter now sells dyes and vials for dye crafting
- traders now remove everything sold to them before they restock; only traders do that, simple NPCs like legionaires, guards, citizens or miners don't; potential enemies in the Goblin Village, Sacred Stone and Hunters Edge also clean up, if they're traders
- trader inventory regeneration happens every hour (realtime) and every time you start the trade with a character of a higher level than level the trader registered during the last inventory generation (i.e. when you level up, the trader immediately regenerates)
- boss and miniboss drops have been improved (significantly for Mega-Bosses); there is still no guarantee for drops you might like because there is still the RNG that puts boosts on the drops ;-)

Enemy changes
- enemies no longer turn around when an attack misses them; they still turn around when they block an attack
- time between enemy animations is now increased to around 6 seconds to make targeting easier and mis-clicks in combat less often (thanks to Abraxas* for this idea and code)
- enemies using some weapon types do slightly more damage due to weapon changes (see section with weapon changes)

- run speed increased, as most mods do
- replaced My Precious with Walk it Off (Fighter) and What a Rush (Cleric)
- players get free Pet Pal talent (if you chose it in character creation, you get a free talent point)
- replaced Escapist with Pinpoint for Wolgraff
- main companions each have a trait now:
# Madora: Vindictive
# Jahan: Blunt
# Bairdotr: Obedient
# Wolgraff: Renegade

- added some portraits to character creation
- changed icon colors for leadership boosts to make it easier to see differences
# Leadership 1: yellow
# Leadership 2: orange
# Leadership 3: red
# Leadership 4: purple
# Leadership 5: blue
# Leadership 6: green

- soaps are now usable and remove 'Oiled'; be careful to use them ONLY when Oiled
- new versions of bone/moon/star/pixie dust with unique icons, all stackable
- new: mineral dust, stackable
- changed weapon damage curves (see section on weapons)
- reduced the price of the better ring kits to almost the price of the initial kit
- gear drops (weapon, armor, shields, jewelry) can now have a higher level than 20; crafted gear could go above the 'soft cap' before already
- gear durability degrade speed reduced, greatly reduced for weapons (but not to zero)
- all crafted magic belts and helmets - Claw Belt, Antler Helmet, etc. - can now be improved with the same crafting recipes as other belts or helmets
- branches are no longer weapons and can be stacked now (they were only useful in crafting before anyway)
- new: water arrowheads (sold by traders, can also be crafted with Crafting 1)
- new: cursing arrowheads (not sold by traders, can only be crafted with Crafting 6, debuff potions make sense again)
- new: A 'doll representing an infamous general from a distant future' can now be crafted into an unbreakable voodoo doll on the crafter statue (Crafting 6); can only be crafted by players, not companions; damage of this doll is a bit lower than that of regular voodoo dolls (but those are level bound and consumed on use); deals crushing damage, 4 AP use; configured for the Equipment Bag, from there it can be dragged onto the skill bar to use the spell
- stack sizes massively increased
- changed arrow and grenade AP cost
- weight of arrows and grenades significantly reduced (average 1/5 of before)
- changed quest scrolls (like Evelyn's Reveal Spell) that they can no longer be accidently turned into empty skill scrolls
- blood stones (star stones) now also remove negative statuses newly introduced in EE (like Mark of Death), and additionally Knocked Down which was not even removed before
- increased the item level of several unique weapons and adjusted their damage (lowered); their damage is still higher than that of drops
- increased the item level of the Weresheep armour set to 20 and the requirement to level 19, which is approximately the level one usually has when the set can be crafted
- changes to item boosts, no principal changes, so there might still be all those silly boost combinations (like Master spells on gear, unusable due to extreme AP requirement; might be work for the future ;-)

- new: craftable one-handed hammers
- new: craftable two-handed mauls
- all one-handers - swords, axes, clubs and daggers - now have built-in +1 Single-Handed; this boost is for shield users (dual wielders don't profit from it); enemies using single-handers will do a bit more damage because of this
- dagger damage slightly increased
- spear damage slightly increased and changed them into weapons with a very big damage range, i.e. they now have low minimum and very high maximum damage
- axe damage reduced to the level of swords
- club damage slightly decreased to make up for decreased crushing resistance of a lot of mobs
- massively reduced the difference in damage between weapons without any damage boosts and those with massive damage boosts
- as a result, the damage of crafted weapons could also be massively decreased; they are still very good but no longer massively higher in damage than drops without the biggest damage boosts
- changed the craftable Tenebrium damage boost, it is no longer a lot higher than the one on real Tenebrium weapons
- tenebrium weapons can be improved with Crafting/Blacksmithing
- reduced base damage of Tenebrium weapons to make up for the additional built-in tenebrium damage and the new craftablity; base damage of tenebrium weapons is now lower than that of non-tenebrium weapons
- upgradeable weapon kits added to crafting, they can now be further improved; weapon kits can compete with drops and crafted weapons now
- crossbow damage slightly increased; legendary AP cost reduction boost of crossbows replaced by a boost to the Crossbow ability (the AP cost boost makes them more unbalancable than anything else)
- increased wand damage a tiny bit and wands can now be improved in crafting
- staff damage increased; Staff of Magus is maybe worth a try again

Arrows and Grenades
- AP cost of using grenades and special arrows changed as follows:
- arrow unchanged AP cost (4): fire arrow, knockdown arrow, poison arrow, poison cloud arrow, slow down arrow, stun arrow
- arrow reduced AP cost (3): silver arrow, smokescreen arrow, steam cloud arrow, water arrow
- arrow increased AP cost (5): explosive arrow, frost arrow, stun cloud arrow
- arrow increased AP cost (6): cursing arrow
- arrow increased AP cost (7): charm arrow
- grenade unchanged AP cost (3): water balloon, oil flask, poison flask, firestorm grenade, holy hand grenade, smoke grenade, toxic grenade
- grenade increased AP cost (4): armor piercing grenade, frost grenade, meteor grenade, nail bomb, plague grenade
- grenade increased AP cost (5): breaching fire grenade, eye of the patriarch grenade, nightmare grenade, razzle dazzle grenade, scales of steel grenade, thunderbolt grenade, tremor grenade
- grenade increased AP cost (7): love grenade
- if you ask why charm consumables have such high AP cost: this mechanic should not even exist at all, at least for players

- the effects of food and drinks no longer need to be 'discovered'
- AP cost of all food and drinks reduced to 2 AP
- all food 'final products' - those that cannot be further crafted into something better - have all negative effects removed and all heal 15% vitality (well, a diner is still 'improvable')
- poisoned consumables now do a percentage of damage instead of a fixed amount, because they are the healing equivalents for Zombies; the damage (zombie heal) percentage of poisoned consumables is a bit lower than the one of their unpoisoned equivalents because of the additional poison DOT; but not too much, because a DOT helps only little during a single combat turn
- poisoned consumables no longer show any direct poison damage in their tooltip, because the damage/healing is done by script; the poison DOT is still shown
- all poisoned consumables now have the same positive/negative effects as their normal counterparts (except poison resistance)
- the talent 'Five Star Diner' now works, it doubles the healing effect of food and drinks (not potions); but 'Five Star Diner' does NOT double other effects of food and drinks (like constitution boosts)
- 'Five Star Diner' works for poisoned consumables as well (except for the poison DOT)
- all cooking recipes for normal food can be done with their poisoned counterparts as well (for example a poisoned potato can be cut into poisoned cold fries which can be baked to poisoned rivellon fries)
- all potions have their effect duration doubled except for telekinesis and invisibility potions (the big invis potions already lasts for 15 turns)
- medium/large/huge healing potions have their AP cost increased to 3/4/6
- medium/large poison potions have their AP cost increased to 3/4
- medium/large/huge resistance potions have their AP cost increased to 3/4/8
- all other medium/large potions have their AP cost increased to 3/4 (except debuff potions, they are usually not consumed but only used in crafting anyway)

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Joined: Jun 2015
Crafting changes:

New crafting and general tools
- there are many new tools that can no longer be sold or destroyed in crafting
- all new tools have zero weight, so there is no argument not to carry them
- Shovel, identifying glass, unbreakable lockpicks, unbreakable disarm kits
- crafter axe, cook's blender, blacksmith and crafter hammer, 4 different knives (cook, crafter, paper, magic paper; knives are put into bags, because it is more convenient to have them where the ingredients are)
- magic inkpot & quill, needle & thread, magic needle & thread
- mortar & pestle, tong
- the new pickaxe also serves as the blacksmith axe
- all new tools will be automatically added to inventories the first time the old version is picked up
- the old shovel no longer works for digging, the old pickaxe no longer works for mining
- the new shovels and pickaxes are NOT moved around automatically with 'Magic Pockets', you need to carry them (this should be no problem since 6 new shovels are handed out and two new pickaxes)
- a crafting tool can only be put into one bag, so for a few recipes it might be required to switch bags for crafting
- all new tools are automatically moved from a companion to a player character when a companion leaves the party
- mining now requires Blacksmithing 1
- mines are harvested in a single step instead of five separate ones (one stack of five ores)
- mines now 'respawn' after 24 ingame hours (2 realtime hours)

Note on Crafting and Blacksmithing:
- There is not a single story relevant item created through 'crafting' that requires the Crafting or Blacksmithing ability. Any character can craft stuff like e.g. the Death Knight Bane skillbook without ANY ability. The crafting interface merely serves as a story element interface in such cases.
- Not a single cooking recipe requires any ability, every character can cook (unlike in the real world ;-)
- No single crafting recipe needs to be unlocked, they are all there from the very beginning. The 'crafting books' found in the world exist to put recipes into the recipe book of the crafting window without the need to first discover them through experimenting.
- Mobile kitchens work exactly as furnaces do, even ores can be melted there. This is no addition of this Mod, it is in the original game already.

- mining now requires Blacksmithing 1
- a talent book has been added which increases blacksmithing to make up for mining now requiring blacksmithing; this book can only be read by player characters, not companions
- Crafting and Blacksmithing boosts can now be put on bracers and belts at the crafter statue as soon as it is unlocked (those recipes unlock, when you show the game that you can have those gear buffs, i.e. enter the crafting area with a +1 Crafting belt and +1 Crafting bracers, or use the statue while wearing such gear. Same for Blacksmithing)
- the cook's blender replaces both the old hammer and mortar, so the flour or tomato sauce recipes use the same tool (modder laziness; too lazy to add two spearate tools ;-)
- there are 4 versions of crafter knives, because knives are used for many different things, so it is handy to have a version in each bag that carries ingredients that use a knife (this is the ONLY reason why there are 4 knives)
- there are many new crafting recipes
- some old recipes do not work any longer (like Log + regular knife)
- some old recipes changed, e.g. pillows are no longer stuffed with only a single feather, but only when opened with the new crafter knife
- Victoria has put a couple of crafting recipe books on a shelf at the crafting station site (hopefully a complete recipe list); recipe books go to special bags
- tenebrium can now be put on weapons with Blacksmithing 6 in addition to Tenebrium 3
- tormented soul can be put on shields (+dex/+con) with Crafting 6
- new: 'Magic Tormented Souls', requires tormented soul and pixie dust, Crafting 6
- magic tormented souls can be put on two-handed weapons (+str/+dex) and staffs (+dex/+int) with Crafting 6; boost is higher than the regular tormented boost and overwrites it; staff tormented boost adds to the regular one
- water arrowheads can be crafted (arrow head + bottle of water), Crafting 1
- water arrows can be crafted
- cursing arrowheads can be crafted (debuff all potion + arrow head), Crafting 6; they cannot be bought
- cursing arrows can be crafted
- tenebrium weapons can now be improved via Crafting/Blacksmithing the same way as regular weapons; exception: no additional tenebrium damage can be put on tenebrium weapons
- upgradeable weapons ('Weapon Kits') can be improved via Crafting/Blacksmithing like all other weapons
- all potions/bottles/dyes can be dumped at the distillery to get empty potions/bottles/vials
- metal bars can be split
- metal/scale/plate scraps are craftable
- folded shirts can be cut to cloth scraps
- packages can be smashed to pieces (still cannot be picked up)
- plate stacks can be cleaned to get plates (they still cannot be picked up)
- plates, broken bottles, vials can be turned into empty bottles (oven, high Crafting)
- paperwork (all those recipe books) can be cut with a paper knife to receive empty scrolls for the physical schools (there is no other direct way to craft those, for example paper + essence)
- potions can be combined to bigger ones or split to smaller ones with Crafting 6
- recipes for grenade containers (except Sovereign Orbs and Perfume Flasks)
- shells and crab claws can be used to create Cyseal's famous fish pie, besides fish
- ... read Victoria's recipe books

Crafting Oil and Ooze Barrels
- if you never found any use for oil or ooze barrels except for crafting, this is not for you
- it is a small programming experiment, multi-ingredient input: oil and ooze barrels can now be crafted
- crafting them uses the normal crafting window, but there is a difference: you need to feed several ingredients before an oil or ooze barrel can be crafted:
# oil barrels require 10 fish, starfish (including magic starfish) or shells (finally some use although they can already be put on dough ;-)
# ooze barrels require 5 Fly Agaric Mushrooms
# put the ingredients into the distiller via the crafting window, until the required amount is reached
# add an empty barrel an you get an ooze or an oil barrel (this requires Crafting 6, feeding the distiller requires no skill)
- the distiller state is shown by magic lights located on a stone bar on the wall behind the distiller, white (or silver) lights for fish ingredients, red lights for mushrooms
- while the distiller is brewing, you will see green smoke coming out of the bottom which is NOT poisonous
- when the distiller is ready, it emits a puff of smoke and the final light turns on, golden for fish, green for mushrooms; additionally bubbles come out of the top, indicating that the distiller is ready; now the barrel can be added
- the 'brewing process' is interrupted when something else is crafted on the distiller, e.g. when a potion is dumped
- you can only either brew oil OR ooze, never mix them, adding a Fly Agaric, when you have already added 9 fish, immediately interrupts oil brewing and switches to poison brewing (all 9 white lights will turn off and a red one is turned on)
- if I could find believable ingredients, I could add water barrels (intestines, as used for water balloons are NOT believable)
- ooze potions (etc.) are too easy to craft (on an ooze barrel); this is the reason why feeding the distiller for ooze is only possible with mushrooms

Overview of added Crafting Recipes

- See also Changes III
- a lot of the new recipes require high Crafting/Blacksmithing, up to 6
- not all recipes necessarily make sense or are better than existing ones, e.g. it is easier to craft poison cloud arrowheads from 2 poison arrowheads than adding a water bottle to a poison arrowhead; but maybe you want to get rid of other stuff, maybe you don't use poison flasks but poison arrows, so you can attach a poison flask to an arrowhead to get a poison arrowhead and the flask is gone
- might sound stupid to disassemble magic arrows, but after all a stun cloud arrowhead is craftable from a steam cloud arrowhead ...
- if a recipe book mentions any tool, the new tools are meant, e.g. Cloth Scraps + Oil Barrel only works with the new oil barrel in the new Cyseal Crafting Station, not on a regular oil barrel
- all old recipes still work with the old tools still, but using them is not recommended (wooden logs no longer work on axes, they still work on regular knifes, but a 'wooden stake' is not needed anywhere in the game)
- do NOT craft the old versions of dust anymore, it is incompatible with the new one; the recipes still exist, don't use them anymore, i.e. sell the old mortar after you have unlocked the new mortar with it
- only NEW recipes are listed here, the old ones exist, so if you see 'steel bar + steel bar' you could guess that 'iron bar + iron bar' exists as well but is not listed here because it already exists in the game without Mods, and regular shield + essence already exists, only tenebrium shield + essence is new, etc.
- crafted quest items that require tools can use the new tools (this is only the magic inkpot & quill, no other crafting tool is ever used in crafting for quests)

- wine cask + cup/mug: glass/mug of wine
- beer keg + beer keg: mug of beer
- raw meat + wood scraps: ham
- filled bottle/cup(glass)/mug + distillery: empty bottle/cup/mug
- water bucket + distiller/water barrel/well: empty bucket
- wheat + blender: flour
- tomato + blender: tomato sauce
- potato + blender: cold potato mash
- shell + dough: cyseal pie dough
- crab claw + dough: cyseal pie dough
- all poisoned ingredients can be turned into poisoned food/ingredients like their unpoisoned counterparts (exception: there is no poisoned dough, but e.g. poisoned apples can be added to regular dough)

- minor potion + minor potion: medium potion
- medium potion + medium potion: large potion
- large potion + empty potion bottle: 2 medium potions
- medium potion + empty potion bottle: 2 minor potions
- empty potion bottle + ingredient: bigger potion with higher cafting skill
- any potion + distiller: empty potion bottle (potion dump)

Arrows and Arrow Ingredients
- iron bar + crafter knife: 10 arrowheads
- magical arrow + tong: magical arrowhead (req: Expert Marksman 5)
- arrowhead + debuff all potion: cursing arrowhead
- fire arrowhead + oil/poison flask: explosive arrowhead
- arrowhead + new oven: fire arrowhead (Crafting 6)
- water arrowhead + bluegill mushroom: freezing arrowhead
- magic (adult) antler + crafter knife: 1 (2) knockdown arrohead(s)
- arrowhead + poison flask: poison arrowhead
- poison arrowhead + bottle of water/water balloon: poison cloud arrowhead
- arrowhead + oil bottle/oil flask: slowdown arrowhead
- fire arrowhead + wood scraps: smoke cloud arrohead
- stunning arrowhead + water bottle/water balloon: stun cloud arrowhead
- stunning arrowhead + steam cloud arrowhead: stun cloud arrowhead
- arrowhead + water bottle/water balloon: water arrowhead
- cursing arrowhead + arrow shaft: cursing arrow
- water arrowhead + arrow shaft: water arrow

Grenades and Grenade Ingredients
- rope + crafter knife: 2 fuses (2 ropes to 1 fuse still works but is pretty silly)
(- fuse + fuse: rope)
- cloth/leather scraps + oil barrel: empty flask
- metal scraps + crafter hammer: empty cylinder
- plate scraps + crafter hammer: empty grenade
- empty flask + water barrel: water balloon
- empty cylinder + wood scraps: smoke grenade
- empty grenade + ooze barrel: toxic grenade

Oil and Ooze Barrels
- the created barrels are normal oil/ooze barrels, unlike the new ones at the crafting station
- see Book 'Changes III' for how it works
- 10 fish/shells/star fish + distiller + empty barrel: oil barrel
- 5 fly agaric mushroom + distiller + empty barrel: ooze barrel

Misc. Ingredients
- empty bottle + water barrel: bottle of water
- world globe/lab glassware + crafter hammer: broken bottle + metal scraps
- empty cup/empty mug/plate/lab bottle/broken bottle/glass vial + oven: empty bottle
- soap + small/big stack of plates: 25/50 plates
- vial/tube rack + crafter knife: vial/tube + wood scraps
- dirty vial/tube + oven: empty vial
- empty vial + void essence: black dye
- empty vial + bluegill mushroom: blue dye
- empty vial + earth tongue mushroom: green dye
- empty vial + jellyroom: purple dye
- empty vial + penny bun mushroom: red dye
- empty vial + fly agaric mushroom: white dye
- empty vial + guepinia mushroom: yellow dye
- black dye + red dye: dark crimson dye
- black dye + green dye: dark forest dye
- black dye + yellow dye: dark mud dye
- black dye + purple dye: deep purple dye
- black dye + blue dye: sapphire dye
- any dye + distiller: empty vial
- fishing rod + crafter knife: rope
- pillow + crafter knife: 5 or 5 feathers with a chance for a fancy feather
- ham + cook knife: strong sinew + raw meat
- raw meat/bodypart + cook knife: sinew + bone (if bodyparts can be found at all)
- nine inch nails + blacksmith hammer: 2 needles (yes, no new hammer creates lockpicks from nails any more, there are new lockpicks now)

Magic Ingredients
- whetstone + (new) mortar: mineral dust
- star pebble/depleted star stone + (new) mortar: star dust
- bone/moon dust + mineral dust: pixie dust
- tormented soul + pixie dust: magic tormented soul

Scraps Ingredients
- folded shirts + crafter knife: cloth scraps
- grain sack + crafter knife: cloth scraps + wheat
- package + crafter axe: cloth scraps + ropes
- basket + crafter axe: wood scraps
- food basket + crafter axe: wood scraps + wheat or potato
- apple basket + crafter axe: wood scraps + apple
- goblin basket + crafter axe: wood scraps + cloth scraps
- empty barrel/crate + crafter axe: branches + wood scraps
- empty bucket + crafter axe: wood scraps
- washtub with washboard + crafter axe: washtub + washboard
- washtub/washboard + crafter axe: metal scraps + wood scraps

Metal, Bars, Scraps, Nails
- steel bar + steel bar: large steel bar
- metal scraps + metal scraps: iron bar
- scale scraps + scale scraps: plate scraps
- plate scraps + oven: steel bar
- iron bar + blacksmith axe: 2 metal scraps
- (battered) cooking pot + blacksmith axe: metal scraps
- steel bar + blacksmith axe: 2 scale scraps
- large iron bar + blacksmith axe: 2 iron bars
- large steel bar + blacksmith axe: 2 steel bars
- (large) steel bar + distiller: (large) iron bar
- tenebrium sword/axe + new oven: iron/steel bar
- key + key : nine inch nails

Scrolls and Skillbooks
Not all Expert Marksman, Man-at-Arms and Scoundrel scrolls are usable as scrolls, they are only 'skill descriptions' to craft skillbooks from.
Almost everything that goes to the paperwork bag is 'paperwork' and can be used in crafting. (Recipe books, a lot of books and parchments, treasure maps, unreadable books, etc.)
- paperwork + paper knife: empty marksman/man-at-arms/scoundrel scroll
- empty marksman scroll + empty marksman scroll: empty marksman skillbook
- empty man-at-arms scroll + empty man-at-arms scroll: empty man-at-arms skillbook
- empty scoundrel scroll + empty scoundrel scroll: empty scoundrel skillbook
- scroll + magic paper knife: empty scroll of the corresponding skill school
- empty skillbook + paper knife: 2 empty scrolls of the corresponding skill school
- skillbook + magic paper knife: empty skillbook of the corresponding skill school
- empty marksman/man-at-arms scroll + magic inkpot & quill: marksman/man-at-arms/scoundrel scroll
- empty marksman skillbook + marksman scroll: marksman skillbook
- empty man-at-arms skillbook + man-at-arms scroll: man-at-arms skillbook
- empty scoundrel skillbook + scoundrel scroll: scoundrel skillbook

- large magic tusk + rope: large tusk belt (belt already existed but no recipe to craft it)
- belt + crafter statue (blue): +1 Blacksmithing
- belt + crafter statue (green): +1 Crafting
- belt + crafter statue (white): +1 Blacksmithing, +1 Crafting
- bracers + crafter statue (blue): +1 Blacksmithing
- bracers + crafter statue (green): +1 Crafting
- bracers + crafter statue (white): +1 Blacksmithing, +1 Crafting
- new dyes + body armor, garment, bracers, shoes

- any shield + magic feather: + movement
- any shield + tormented soul: tormented shield boost
- tenebrium shield + anvil: + blocking (skipped durability boost with low Blacksmithing due to laziness ;-)
- tenebrium shield + essence: + resistance against essence's element

- special doll found in world + any crafter statue: unbreakable wrath doll (only craftable by players, not by companions)
- additional boosted output on most crafted weapons with Blacksmithing/Crafting 6: swords, axes, clubs, spears: constitution / crossbows: speed
- tenebrium bar + any weapon (except staff/wand): tenebrium damage boost (Blacksmithing 6 instead of Tenebrium 3); tenebrium damage is a tiny bit higher on two-handers
- higher elemental damage boost from essences on two-handers with Crafting 6
- magic tormented soul + two-handed weapon (except staff): tormented two-handeder boost (bigger boost, overwrites regular one)
- magic tormented soul + staff: tormented staff boost (constitution + spell 'Destroy Summon')
- club + steel bar: damage boost (including tenebrium hammers)
- two-handed maul + large steel bar: damage boost (including tenebrium two-handed hammers)
- wand + moonstone: damage boost
- wand + elemental essence of its element: increased damage (no mixed elements possible, only e.g. air wand + air essence)
- wand + tormented soul: tormented weapon boost
- tenebrium weapons now have the same boost recipes as the non-tenebrium ones except tenebrium damage (essence, whetstone, tormented soul, etc.)

- grist + well: wort (in addition to water bucket)

Unlocking Recipes and Acquiring Crafting Tools

Unlocking Recipes
- the recipes to boost belts and bracers each with +1 Crafting and/or +1 Blacksmithing must be unlocked before they can be used
- each recipe can be executed on the crafter statue after it is unlocked
- the crafter statue is locked in the beginning (only for those two recipes!) which is shown by the red light it has
- when the Crafting recipe is unlocked, the statue turns green, when Blacksmithing is unlocked, it turns blue, when both are unlocked, the light turns white
- the recipes are unlocked when a party member wears gear with +2 alltogether in any of the corresponding abilities or when putting on gear with those boosts and using the statue by clicking it
- the game has those buffs on both bracers and belts, when you have found both, visit the crafting area while wearing that gear or put it on and click the statue and the lights will change and the corresponding recipe will unlock
- the recipes require Crafting 4 for the Crafting boost and Blacksmithing 4 for the Blacksmithing boost
- many new recipes require Crafting 6 or Blacksmithing 6, so it is recommended to go that high
- it does not require more than 3 ability points to reach 6 in both Abilities: there is the Scientist Talent which gives +1 in each, there is the Pragmatic Trait, which gives +1 Crafting and the new Grease Monkey Talent which gives +1 Blacksmithing, and gear can provide additional +2 in each
- after you found gear with +2 in each, you can always swap in this gear while doing any crafting, adding these recipes is for convenience so that you don't have to swap your combat gear any longer when crafting

About Crafting Tools and other Tools
- there are new versions of almost all crafting tools, they replace the old crafting tools
- they all have zero weight so there is no longer a reason not to carry them around any longer; they have no value and do not show up in trade windows, so selling them accidently is no longer possible
- all crafting tools stay in the bags where most ingredients they are used with are
- crafting from bags is possible, you can always open a bag in the experiment window by double clicking it or choosing 'Open' at the top of the experiment window; you can close a bag by choosing 'Close' from the top of the experiment window
- crafting from the 'Recipes' page of the crafting window - recommended because here the amount of items to craft can be specified - automatically looks into bags for available ingredients
- crafting from the Recipes page is only possible if both ingredients for a recipe are somewhere in the character's inventory, for example, it does not work for crafting with anvils because they cannot be picked up
- craft from the Recipes page whenever possible, it's much faster; ... and it reduces the risk of an item overflow crash; this 'crash' is a game engine internal thing, you probably do not have to worry about it, but you can help further avoid it by crafting for example 5 poison arrows at once instead of 1 poison arrow 5 times; crafting more than one item at a time can only be done from the recipes page, never from the experimenting page
- the new crafting tools are automatically added to your inventory, when their old base versions are picked up, e.g. when you pick up a knife, you get all 4 different new knives; there are a lot of knives around ...
- needle & thread, magic needle and Thread and magic inkpot & quill must first be crafted to get the old versions of them, then the new ones are added; you can sell the old ones at this point
- you mostly get two of the new crafting tools, but there are some exceptions: every character can cook, because that requires no skill in any ability, so 6 cooking knifes are handed out
- the new tools are added to the two players and if more are given, they are given to the 4 main companions (Madora, Jahan, Bairdotr and Wolgraff)
- the new crafting tools are automatically moved to a player, when a coompanion leaves the party (from henchmen too); this is built-in functionality of the game and cannot be changed; the game will show a big tooltip where not even all items fit in that are moved
- although you can put the crafting tools in any container if you don't use them, the Tools Cage is recommended as a storage; 'Send to Homestead' puts them there
- like with knifes, other tools exist in different variations, so they can be put into bags, like hammers or axes
- the crafting tools with multiple versions are now 'specialized', e.g. you can use only the Crafter Axe to smash barrels, but not the Blacksmith Axe, you can only split metal bars with the Blacksmith Axe, not the Crafter Axe, you can only scratch spells off scrolls with the magic paper knife, not the regular paper knife, etc.
- the new recipes in most cases work ONLY with the new tools, so there is absolutely no reason any longer to keep one of those around
- there is one single exception: if you want to craft a Wooden Stake from a wooden log, you can only do that with a regular knife or dagger as before; the reason for this was to disable the accidental crafting of the (useless) wooden stake from logs with the new tools
- the blacksmith axe now also serves as the mining axe, the old pickaxe is now only a weapon and does no longer work as a mining pickaxe
- the old shovel no longer works as a shovel
- shovels and mining pickaxes are no longer automatically transferred with 'Magic Pockets'; this is an annoying mechanic since the notification tooltip cannot be disabled; both new shovels and pickaxes weigh zero, just keep them in your inventories, they silently stay in bags; since mining now requires blacksmithing anyway, keep one pickaxe with your blacksmith

Joined: Sep 2015
Joined: Sep 2015
A lot of new stuff, changes and additions and a very useful bag system. Great to see it online now after you put so much effort into it! I'll have a look on it betimes.

My mods for DOS 1 EE: FasterAnimations - QuietDay - Samaritan
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Joined: Jun 2015
Thanks and have fun with it. I feel quite exhausted now, glad it's done ... at least to the current point ;-)

Joined: Sep 2015
Joined: Sep 2015
Yeah, especially the final phase of the creation process must have been quite fun laugh

My mods for DOS 1 EE: FasterAnimations - QuietDay - Samaritan
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Joined: Jun 2015
Oh yes, tons of fun ... and the feeling of having forgotten tons of stuff.

And then the process of publishing it ... as a Steam illiterate ;-)

Joined: Jun 2015
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Joined: Jun 2015
2016-09-27: small bugfix, resources were all pointing to a wrong directory, this should now be fixed.
You should now also receive all bags because the script that determines if a character can handle bags should now work.

Joined: Jun 2015
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Joined: Jun 2015
2016-09-27: bugfix, empty scoundrel skillbook had the skill Adrenaline on it. Should still be possible to convert it to a real scoundrel skillbook though.

Joined: Jun 2015
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Joined: Jun 2015
2016-09-27: latest version reduces run speed a little bit and fixes some wrong crafting recipes.
No new game required.

Joined: Sep 2016
Joined: Sep 2016

First, let me start by saying thank you for your effort. I love mods. They make bad games good and good games amazing.

Some of changes made in your mod already exist currently on the Steam Workshop or Nexus Mod site. For example, Run Speed Adjustments & Time Between Enemy Animations.

Is it possible to create a standalone mod focusing on new features not currently introduced through other mods or perhaps offer some compatibility assistance?

Currently, I'm running a list of mods that all appear to be compatible with each other or offer patches for compatibility ( see here)

If we stick with the Stand Still Mod (Time Between Enemy Animations) as an example, there appears to be a conflict (and patch offered by Abraxas) for Quiet Day on the Market. I'm assuming if I used your mod and Quiet Day on the Market there would likely be a conflict. I'm not sure the extent of work that would be involved creating a Stand A Lone version (more plug and play friendly with other mods), but I would jus tlike to make that suggestion.


Joined: Sep 2015
Joined: Sep 2015
A conflict with QuietDayOnTheMarket wouldn't mean more than a few scripts of my mod not being read, without basically affecting functionality. It's not an actual 'compatibility' problem in some cases.

I've looked through the scripts of XC_Bags and there are no interferences with QuietDay and SamaritanMod. So all changes should be in.
You could post a commented list of mods here on the forum, if you want, to give other players an orientation.

My mods for DOS 1 EE: FasterAnimations - QuietDay - Samaritan
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Joined: Sep 2016
Awesome. Thanks for the quick response.

Joined: Jun 2015
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Joined: Jun 2015
Thanks for the info Abraxas !

I guess that all 'Nexus style' mods work together with 'Steam style' mods, probably the Steam style mods overwrite changes from the Nexus mods because they are 'real mods', but it depends on the load sequence of files of course which I do not really know.

@Jubilet: you probably never had to select a mod in the mod menu because of the style of those Nexus mods. You can also only disable them by deleting files, if I'm not completely wrong.

(Actually, I haven't had the time to look at BetterLogistics which was created with the editor as I happen to know. Might be a new style mod, but definitely incompatible because both mods modify the story scripts ;-)

Joined: Sep 2015
Joined: Sep 2015
Yes, BetterLogistics is technically identical with Workshop mods, so they don't work together (and there would probably be some issues if it was possible to activate both). Same problem for Sniper's 'Four Character Creation' (both on Nexus and Steam).
I wish there was a patch one day that allows multiple (editor created) mod activation. From what we know (I've never tried but others told that) it isn't possible at the moment. So you'll have to make decisions here (6 players, 4 character creation, XC_Bags, BetterLogistics etc.). Maybe there'll be combined versions of some mods in the future, but that's often nasty work for the creators.

My mods for DOS 1 EE: FasterAnimations - QuietDay - Samaritan
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Exactly, although, how should the game decide which version of the compiled story script to use. The engine is not made for that.

The best we can do is to integrate everything into one 'super mod'. But that's not what a lot of people want, so we'd have to create all kinds of different versions, which would be a horror ;-)

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Joined: Jun 2015
Some day I want to extend the mod to the real 'XC', which would be a tactician difficulty 6 character mod.

But for now I'm too busy to fix the bugs I managed to introduce ... maaybe it has already grown too big ;-)

If it wasn't for the size, I'd simply copy all contents of Main and create a non main-dependent mod, which would make a lot of things easier, but the size would be something like 500MB+ ;-)

Joined: Dec 2015
Joined: Dec 2015
Hi... You are the person I was waiting for so long... Thank you for taking the time to do this...

Some suggestion for the crafting system smile

Could you include this change?
- Rags/Shirt/Folded Shirt + Knife/Dagger = Cloth Scraps .
(I suggested this change ages ago, but.. well... you know the story smile

- Leather armor in general + Knife/Dagger = Leather Scraps, please?

Last edited by FreyaM; 29/09/16 10:05 PM.
Joined: Dec 2015
Joined: Dec 2015
It's my again smile Very cool changes.. Thanks again smile

Another suggestion:

Can you bring back Tactical Retreat for the Marksmen please?

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Joined: Jun 2015
Originally Posted by FreyaM
It's my again smile Very cool changes.. Thanks again smile

Another suggestion:

Can you bring back Tactical Retreat for the Marksmen please?

I might be able to do it, but I'd like to hear more opinions on it.

What I would hate is making players even more overpowered than they are already, so Tactical Retreat is a 'dangerous thing', especially it it was a novice skill.

I already gave you guys Featherdrop and Burning Blaze back ;-) And Draw Blood and Eroding Strike have returned as well.

And as said on Steam, I cannot promise that it works with existing saves, even if I brought the skill back.

Last edited by FrauBlake; 30/09/16 01:51 PM.
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