Okay so this tutorial is going to be complex. If a developer wants to turn this into a script he can.

As with any procedure that modifies files make sure you have a backup.

First you'll need the pak extractor by Norbyte:

Download it, extract it, run it.

Your saves are always stored here:
Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin 2/PlayerProfiles/[YOUR ALIAS]/Savegames/[BUGGED SAVE FOLDER]/[BUGGED SAVE].lsv

It's this .lsv file we need to modify

From here, follow the instructions by the letter.

Using Norbytes converter app, select the PAK /LSV Tools tab. You will see 2 fields. Package path and Destination. Use the ... button to the right of each to navigate to the relevant locations.

It will look something like this:
[Linked Image]

Click Extract Package

Navigate to your [BUGGED SAVE] folder and delete the BUGGED SAVE.lsv and the .png - we no longer need them.

Navigate to the converter app again and select LSX/LSB/LSF/LSJ Tools tab. Again we see an input and an output field.
You want to convert the globals.lsf into globals.lsx

It will look like this:
[Linked Image]

Click convert. There will now be a global.lsx sitting in your BUGGED SAVE folder. Navigate to it. Open it with a text editor. You will see that it is now an xml file.

It should look something like this:
[Linked Image]

Now do a replace search for the following (CTRL+H = Replace Search)

						<node id="Permanent">

Make sure you copy paste that entire codeblock. The spacing is important.

You should see a line that looks like this:
[Linked Image]

Replace all instances of:
						<node id="Permanent">
							<attribute id="ID" value="WET" type="22" />


						<node id="Temporary">
							<attribute id="ID" value="WET" type="22" />

and save the globals.lsx file.

Navigate back to the converter app. We now need to convert the globals.lsx back into globals.lsf. Simply swap the input and output around. It should look like this:

[Linked Image]

Click convert.

Navigate back to your BUGGED SAVE folder and delete globals.lsx - we don't need it now.

7: Navigate back to the converter app and select the PAK/LSV Tools tab again. If you have done everything as instructed you only need to click create package and the process is complete.

Load your save. Any bugged permanent stats will be removed. Save your game once more and reload.

Hope this helps. Thanks for the save file Raze