So, I am not a modder, and we have yet to see the finished, and then later, final version of the game...

That being said, I don't care for how the surfaces or environmental effects are currently handled in game, and many other people have complained about them as well.

Thinking through it, this is sort of how I could see those things being rebalanced.

Fire needs fuel to burn. You typically ignite oil surfaces in game to get it. No more oil = no more fire. I feel like it should last 2-3 turns, then die UNLESS you add more fuel to it (oil). That is similar to how the mechanic works on players- unless they extinguish it, it lasts 2 rounds. Maybe it could last longer durations but get progressively weaker? Lose 20% intensity every turn, for example.

Electricity. No more current = no more electricity. It should literally be a single turn effect, maybe just dramatically increase the damage?

Poison gas. Gases are, by nature, not permanent. If they aren't contained, they quickly disappear. Maybe there could be some Boolean value- outside means that gas disappears completely in 2 turns, inside means that it takes twice as long.

Ice. Tricky. Unless fire is applied to it, I could see it having a long timer, like 6 turns. It doesn't melt super quickly without heat.

Water? Also tricky. Depending on the surface, depends on how long it persists. Unless you can tell the difference between earth and stone floors ingame... It would probably need to be permanent, or close to that.

Blood? As an actual liquid, not long, because of all the salt. Maybe 4 turns? Meaning that 90% of those blood pools would disappear. No fresh blood = no blood.

That is what I thought of off hand. I don't have any coding ability besides basic website stuff, so can't do this myself. But, maybe someone else is also annoyed by the permanent/semi-permanent environmental effects and wants to modify them to be a little more appropriate (and not spend so much time post-fight clearing fires, poison and electricity).