Whoever goes first on the map Enemies at the Gates should win. The source point in the middle corpse is accessible at the start of the round. This gives an uneven advantage to the first player. People that also have a 3 point source skill such as the Ranger will then be able to destroy anyone who gets close even on the same turn as the starting turn if they do not pick up the middle corpse.

Case: I go first I get the source point in the middle and the source point next to the start without moving. (1 on each character) I cannot lose without a grave mistake.

The biggest problem with having the middle corpse isn't that the second player can't get 2 source points right away, its that they have to sacrifice a movement skill to get it and go to lower ground.

If anyone else could help me find a way in which the person going second can win a match if the first takes the middle point turn 1 please let me know.