To all adventurers and modding pioneers!

The Divinity Engine 2 is available on Steam and GOG as DLC for everyone owning the game (free of course!). We hope it will provide you with all the tools necessary to implement your awesome ideas! For more info on how to set up The Divinity Engine 2, check out this Setup Guide for both Steam and GOG.

Here are a few important tidbits of knowledge:

- The Divinity Engine 2 is under continuous development. We'll keep updating with fixes, usability improvements,... We are listening to your feedback and will do our best to respond to all your questions!

- Continuous development also applies to the Wiki. We focused on getting the game in the best state possible for release, so not all wiki pages have been written on day 1. We are adding to this continuously. If an important page for your modding interests is missing, we do apologize for the temporary inconvenience. Be sure to direct your question to us directly then via the Troubleshooting Forum so we can still help you out as soon as possible!

- We have a separate Troubleshooting Forum to better filter between community discussions and engine issues. If possible, direct any and all issues and crashes to that forum. We will use it as our main hub for identifying issues (to fix in-engine) or common questions (to answer on our wiki).

Thank you from everyone at Larian Studios for your interest and dedication <3

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