Hello everyone!

To be able to process your input as fast and clear as possible, we created this separate forum, dedicated to issues with The Divinity Engine 2.

We are overjoyed with the amount of ideas you already shared on our modding forum and we want to make sure that urgent issues or questions don't get lost between those awesome ideas.

Thus, if possible, use this forum solely for issues with The Divinity Engine 2. This can range from serious issues (crashes, misbehaving panels,...) to simple questions (how does a certain panel work?).

We will use this forum as our main hub for identifying issues (to fix in-engine) or common questions (to answer on our wiki).

That being said, concerning questions instead of crashes, we recommend to always check our Wiki first. We plan to have documentation on all editor elements as well as a FAQ Section where we answer common questions from this forum. And don't forget it's also possible that someone else has already written an awesome guide to your problem in the Community Section!

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