I finished the game the normal way and said to myself - why not do it the "hard way" as a duche :) So we have a walkthrough, full with spoilers, on how to be an idiot and be rewarded by the game. I describe my most weird decisions and what was the end result of them. Played Elf Ranger, cause they are OP :)

Act I: Fort Joy

1. Killed all of the Godwoken (well i knew them) -> the result is that they spawn at Nameless Isle as undead, which is a huge advantage, depending how you play.
2. Used companions, just replaceable ones, Gareth was important.
3. All the other gameplay was to make levels and money as much as possible. (removed collar through Arena fight, escaped Fort Joy through the sewers)

- Only bad thing is that some choices are removed from your gameplay, some NPC miss or are already dead, as a result of your actions.

Act II: Reaper's Coast

1. Important for me was to save the parents of Gareth, so he won't start his revenge. Killed the voidwoken as a first mission on the island. Later went to Nameless Isle without him (probably he bugged somewhere)
2. Got Divine buff from Mordus, killed him after that, got buff from The Advocate, killed him after that, got divine from the lizard mage (forgot her name) - also died. Ryker was killed at the start, not sure if that was an "evil" choice.
3. If you kill The Advocate - you have to kill his minions too, good thing is that the "Kidnapped women" drops the island map for the quests.
4. Killed all 4 priests near the tree, one of them gave me the "easy book" of Hymns for the vaults.

- You have to forget about the Anathema, at least i couldn't make it work, all that can craft it were against me or dead :(

Act 3: Nameless Isle

1. All must die. If you are gonna play evil, forget about the altars, puzzles etc.
- Kill Black Ring near the coast where you start the act, the along the beach you will find the cave, which we need :)
- Kill 4 guardians and loot them for artifacts, get the sword.
2. Go to the elfs, teleport behind the seekers, go to the top to find our friend Bishop Alexander. Bonus to the meeting is Gareth, whom we must make angry, so he attacks the bishop. Prepare, for hard battle (i was lvl 16 and it was epic). When you loot the bishop you find his diary, with the solution to the Lunar Altar puzzle. Oh and few awesome skill books. Gareth sais you are his heroe too :)
- It will be harder at the lunar temple, all will be undead (easier targets) but also they will be united against you.

Act IV: Arx

1. Play as usual, when you are ready for the final battle, go to the Blood Path at the Cathedral. You may say - we are the ultimate evil, we can't pass the tests, BUT we can hire a companion, who has a pure soul.
- Talk to statue, answer questions and voala - the hatch is open.
- If you have taken the God King deal, then just destroy the altar, go to the 3 pools (YEAH NO PUZZLE) put fire, blood and water in them (in that order left to right), bless them and you can proceed.
- Little gnomes are easy cake for your party (if you know the puzzle - just click levers with the staring letters matching POWER)
- We arrive at the end. Here the hardcore part starts (i did it with a lot of save games) Everybody with pure soul (not obeying the VOID) turns against you. And you have to obey the VOID and kill all. No other options or you turn to dust and you become on of your companions ;)
PS: Many other choices are vital, hope i didn't forget many of them, would love to hear another solutions to the evil path. Also will answer any questions :)

Sorry if my english is a lil bit bad :)

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