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#629272 10/10/17 01:46 PM
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Game v3.0.146.814b

- Fixed: not being able to publish campaign after user sets dependency add-on for GM
Added extra osiris call CharacterResurrectAndResetXPReward() which resets the resurrected flag of the resurrected character.

- Fixed having to create stats twice before it would be committed. (Shared SkillData now also follows the same naming convention as other mods)

- Notify user of adventures without valid story (Red tooltip in the main menu's Mods menu)

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Editor v3.0.146.461


- Updated Engine DLC data.
-- For Steam: be sure to trigger the DLC update (might require a relog)
-- For GOG: download the update and patch / copy over new data as directed by GOG (usual workflow or packaged readme file)

- Custom projects starting with "Shared" can be edited

- Better checks on creating/naming projects with invalid characters + subscribing now works correctly for those cases

- Root Templates are now saved in The Sandbox

- Added a new welcome window on initial startup simplifying the setup process and linking to the wiki setup guides

- Fixed several crashes related to long paths. (This fixes the crash on level load issue with GM levels)


- Clarified some browser texts

- Initial browser update button hidden (this was an internal button)

- Misnamed display property (Spotlight Inner Angle) renamed to Spotlight Outer Angle

- Editor layout: new world outliner icons

- Editor layout/Resource id editor: new icons, black style

- Interaction mode options: moved options dialog window to dockpanels so they can fit their properties

- Atmosphere panel: now a dockpanel and black foreground
Several dialogs text colors fixed (workatmosphere, terrain create, terrain resize etc)

- Fixed book id description & display name


- FileReader buffer limit of 1024 upped to 4096 (Limit could be reached on certain Stats columns, such as the incarnate related stats entries)

- Equipment stats entries are now correctly generated


- Talents via items can now unlocking tags through script (E.g. making Pet Pal available through an item)

- CombatLogText script call description made clearer

- Script call added to add civil/combat ability points (CharacterGetCivilAbilityPoints and

- Added support for scripted AI skills (behaviour script event: FetchSkillScore)


- Material editor should no longer complain about not saving in your own project when you do

- Terrain paint parameter "Radius" enabled

- Generating custom portraits now works as explained in this guide

- Terrain panel: fixed initial size when creating terrains

- Terrain paint properties: enabled "radius" property in datagrid

- Terrain painter: added a square brush

- Instance painter panel: removed "destroy" visual ids from instance group properties datagrid

- Instance painter panel: toggle off interaction mode buttons when the interaction mode is disabled and more bugs fixed

- Journal editor: added an overview for quests

- Journal editor: secret prototypes, marker prototypes saving bug fixes

- Journal editor: columns are now sortable


- New custom skills should now show up in GM mode in existing campaigns

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Game v3.0.150.188

- Fixed an issue with downloading add-ons from the host when entering a multiplayer game

- Fixed a possible global entity duplication issue when downloading an add-on into an existing campaign

- New items in mods now get added to an existing savegame if the savegame already contained the mod and the mod is of a newer version than the version in the savegame Will be addressed in a later patch

- Mods now get loaded after the lobby screen in order to avoid players having to download mods just to enter the lobby (for Campaign and Game Master)

- Fixed mod downloading and uploading errors due to incorrect renaming of mod files

- Users can now create mods with a name that starts with “Shared”

- Fixed material editor not saving correctly

- Fixed sandbox mode not saving correctly

- Players can now load add-ons when loading a GM savegame

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Editor v3.0.150.019


- Accompanying this update, there is now a Known Issues thread.
-- We'll keep this up to date to reduce duplicate posts and keep everyone aware of code/data problems.
-- This will be used for crashes / unintended behaviour. Not feature requests.

- We'll note fixes for "Known Issues" separately from now on
-- This should make it more clear if certain critical issues are supposed to be fixed in an update or not

Fixed Known Issues

- Selecting the Root Template field in Stats Editor no longer crashes the Engine

- Exporting a terrain to a root template crashed because the operation was not supported. Disabled the export option accordingly

- Effects Editor no longer crashes when pressing "Toggle auto scroll vertically" for any graph with same start and end value

- Effects Editor no longer crashes when doing move/scale past 128:00 on the timeline

- Fixed possible crash when removing Stats from a Character

- The following Stats Editor files do not have a Using category and "derive" has been disabled accordingly ("override" still supported):
-- ItemColors
-- TreasureGroups
-- ItemProgressionVisual
-- Requirements
-- Equipment
-- Data


- Sometimes new levels were created as "read-only". This should not happen anymore.

- More long path support (failed editor operations due to file paths longer than 230 characters). E.g. renaming levels/projects.

- Tags now (re)set properly when changing a root template

- Creating level templates can now automatically create a root template

- Game/Engine resources should not be modded. Pop-up now informs accordingly and overriding is disabled
-- An in-engine fix to avoid existing mods with already altered data to still override resources will be part of the next game patch
-- This also fixes the issue where combining mods with extensive icon changes could end up with blank icons
-- If your mod altered game/engine resources and you feel this was necessary, please let us know in the forum and we'll look for solutions there

- You can no longer create projects called "Game" or "Engine"


- Negative movement modifiers applied to armor or shields no longer show up as positive in the UI


- Stat compilation order now properly corresponds to indexes in .stat file after copy/pasting a batch of stats

- You can now properly edit stats if your project name starts with "Shared"

- Applying stats to characters now applies right away (instead of after level & story reload)

- Status changes should now appear right away (instead of after editor restart)

- Opening Stats from the Sidebar and overriding it no longer shows two stats rows

- Fixed possible failed level renames via the Level Browser

- Added 4 "open folder" options to Projects menu for the 4 relevant project folder
-- Game data folder (Data/Mods/)
-- resource data folder (Data/Public/)
-- Editor data folder (Data/Editor/Mods/)
-- Project data folder (Data/Projects/)

- DeltaModifier compilation fixed

- DeltaModifier name columns for Rune now parsed correctly

- Overriden ItemCombos stats no longer use the last component in the list and ignore all other components

- Fix for not working overrides of Shared skill stats such as Teleportation_FreeFall

- RuneslotsV1 column now available in the Stats Editor


- Script Editor no longer blocks creating new scripts with error "...File could already exists in depot, try to sync first."

- Extra validation for New Script dialog


- Message log now shows the file location when doing a Local Publish

- You can now switch between add-on and adventure in Project Settings

- You can now choose to not override the mod description when doing a Steam Publish

- Translated String Key Editor no longer shows folders twice

- Root Template Panel now has a separate filter for "Scenery"

- Journal Editor now supports copy/pasting excel formatted content

- Terrain Painter brush now updates every tick instead of on mouse move

- Terrain Painter modes now have an added option to disable terrain shape toggle hotkeys (shift, ctl, enter)

- Terrain Painter max brush side radius fixed

- Fix for persuasion nodes always failing in the Dialog Tester (in Dialog Editor)

- Added a warning in the Dialog Editor when checking/setting the same flag on both NPC and PC

- Dual dialog node: Validation when saving, now for double clicking (and opening the dialog) on the dualdialog node as well

- Effects Editor now properly updates properties view when resizing the window and then making it fullscreen

- Animation Preview window (accessed by opening an Animation Resource) now allows adding/removing text keys (right-click on the timeline)


- Sidebar no longer overlays "Load multiselected items" button after already having multiple items selected

- Sidebar now updates Backcolor property correct when property is changed by an external source

- Added object transform to the Sidebar (for copy/pasting x/y/z)

- Project/Level Browser search field now stretches along the available space

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Game v3.0.158.595

- Items/characters/triggers in an updated add-on now get loaded into an existing savegame without having to unload/load the add-on

- Game Master Mode now always loads Game Master story. Enabling add-ons with custom story to GM no longer wrongly loads any story of those add-ons

- Game modes (Story/GM/Arena) are now compatible. Mods can safely load both GM and Story data without causing issues such as disabled characters in a new Story game.

For making existing mods compatible between game modes, see the "Scripting / Compatibility" section of the Editor patch notes in the post below.

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Editor v3.0.158.708

Fixed Known Issues

- Loading data from both Story and GM no longer causes scripting conflicts (Player disabled in Story).

For Game Mode compatibility of existing mods, please read the "Scripting / Compatibility" section below.

- Ai generation of original levels no longer creates slight differences that can block certain paths. Metadata that contained hand-painted cells was not read for Origin levels. This is fixed now.

- The Maya 2015 exporter script has been corrected. For example files and how-to's on creating and importing models, check the following links for Items and Characters. (Thank you Aenther wink )

- Material editor no longer crashes persistently for certain users. This was related to it not correctly handling certain file paths (e.g. paths containing spaces).

- Material editor no longer crashes if saving a material outside of the 'Editor/' folder

- Script editor now shows inherited files

- Translated String Key editor now shows original files too

- After a long conversation, we convinced the Terrain Slope Interaction Mode to no longer reset itself.

- Fixed crash when levels contained invalid layers


- Fixed Windows 10 Creator's Update middle mouse camera rotation stuttering

- Fixed crash on checkout of Origin level terrains

- Terrains can no longer be converted to prefab root templates

- Fixed possible “Could not open meta.lsb” error on loading Origin levels

- Fixed crash when dragging equipment in Game Mode from Equipment Panel to the world

- AI metadata now loads for inherited levels. This includes painted cells. Mods should no longer break the AI by regenerating the AI grid (as evidenced by previous issues in Fort Joy)

- Fixed a crash that occurred when using "Pick thumbnail" and selecting the current level thumbnail

- Even more long path support (it's becoming the Tarquin of the Editor notes)

- Fixed crash on wall construction deletion

- Switching between wireframe and default view mode in the preview panel no longer affects the main render window and vice versa


- Material Editor: Fixed crash on material generation

- Material Editor: No longer crashes when saving files outside of the current project’s Editor folder

- Materials Editor: Fixed a crash that could occur when the Open Material dialog closes

- Script Editor: Fixed error where the ‘New Script’ dialog returned a path to the wrong mod

- Script Editor: Now shows inherited files

- Translated String Key Editor: Now opens files from Larian modules.

- Translated String Key Editor: Fixed crash when adding empty rows with the row edit button

- Instance Painter: In inherited levels now lists the instances in that level

- Story Editor: Now checks out file on symbol keys (-?/\,. etc) and on ctrl+c, ctrl+v

- Stats Editor: Added support for non-standard input characters

- Stats Editor: Crash fix on switching projects while a cell still has unsaved content

- Stats Editor: Delete button now deletes a cell’s value instead of the entire row

- Stats Editor: Fixed error where “Set custom color” for column stopped working after the first use

- Level Browser: 'Create' button is no longer available in the pop-up level browser for selecting a level from which to copy

- Dialog Editor: Fixed crash on double-clicking on a node's header while in Play Dialog mode

- Resource Manager: Fixed crash on assigning or reassigning "Source file" for multiple AnimationResource components

- Resource Manager: Removed Transform Properties from Resources sidebar


- World Outliner: Memory leak fix that caused freezes on initial object selection

- Sidebar: Property descriptions now correctly reference the “Resource Manager” instead of the “Content Browser”

- Sidebar: Now refreshes when a property is changed outside the property grid (including transform properties)


- Game modes (Story/GM/Arena) are now compatible. Mods can safely load both GM and Story data without causing issues such as disabled characters in a new Story game. All story goals are now parented under a respective Story/GM/Arena goal (DOS2ModWrapper/GMModWrapper/ArenaModWrapper). Existing mods will still work, but to make your mod compatible between game modes, make sure to parent any modded goals under the newly added root goals (DOS2ModWrapper/GMModWrapper/ArenaModWrapper).

- Added new GetStatusTurns query to story and script: returns the lifetime in turns of a given status on an object.

- Added new GetSurfaceSize query to story and script: returns the surface size in tiles of a surface at a given position.

- Added new ItemGetTeleportTarget query in script: returns the teleport target of the teleport action of an item (if it has one).

- Added new GlobalShareFlag call in story: allows you to share an individual flag (sets a global flag without throwing the GlobalEventSet event)

- Added new FadeOutBlack call in story: allows you to start a black fade-out

- Added new FadeOutWhite call in story: allows you to start a white fade-out

- Added new FadeIn call in story: allows you to start a fade-in

- Changed ApplyDamage call in story: new 'source' parameter

- Changed ApplyStatus call in story and CharacterApplyStatus in script: new 'source' parameter

- Changed CharacterDie(Immediate) call in story and script: new 'source' parameter

- Changed ReceivedDamage event in story: new 'source' and 'damage' parameters (not compatible with previous version)

- Changed CharacterUseSkill call in story: new 'ignoreChecks' parameter which allows you to ignore muted and disarmed checks

- Changed ItemToInventory call in story: new 'ClearOriginalOwner' parameter which allows you to skip clearing the original owner

- Changed CharacterDestroyedItem event in story: parameter 'ItemTemplate' format changed from '<templateName>' to '<templateName>_<GUID>'

- Renamed FadeDone event in story to FadeOutDone (old event is now legacy, but will still work)

- Renamed ClearFadeDone event in story to FadeInDone (old event is now legacy, but will still work)

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Export tool update (12/12/2017)

- Improved on the export tool scripts. Fixed remaining export/import issues.

- Created accompanying tutorial video (Importing/Exporting Video)

- Added a Maya exporter wiki page

- Corrected all provided example files of the Item and Character wiki pages to be in .ma (Maya) format and support exporting physics.

- Exporter now correctly exports visuals to .lsm instead of .gr2 (required for version checks)

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Editor (v3.0.169.230)

Fixed Known Issues

- Painted instances are now saved in level templates. (Not in this patch: New instances are not correctly saved for inherited levels)

- Ctrl+z no longer requires multiple actions to undo moves/rotates/..., depending on how many objects are selected.


- Right click > Move to Level now works properly instead of creating a _merged.lsf file.

- Open File dialog (single file) now returns the first selected file when multi-selecting.

- Less sporadic camera jumps.

- Possible crash fixed when checking out level data when generating the AI grid.

- Mod load order fixes (load order internally would not always match with the settings in cases where add-ons depended on other add-ons).

- Fix for "Can't load texture for preview of icon!" on opening character Icon dialog.

- Import visual resource browser now default searches for .lsm instead of .gr2.


- Terrain Painter: Terrain selection overlay now hides while editing the terrain.

- Journal Editor: Possible crash fixed when opening the quest overview with 2 quest pages open.

- Instance Painter: Now saves its settings better.

- Animation Resource Editor: Animation text keys can be added via right click.


- Level browser: Level thumbnails for Larian levels now visible.

- Level browser: Basic and Empty level blueprints now have the correct icon and banner.


- Added new ShowNotification parameter for CharacterAddSkill in story (it already existed in behaviour script)

- Added new ItemLevelUp and ItemLevelUpTo calls in story

- Added new GetSurfaceTurns query in story and behaviour script

- Added new ItemGetRuneItemTemplate query in story and behaviour script

- Added new ItemInsertRune and ItemRemoveRune queries in story and behaviour script

- Added new RuneInserted and RuneRemoved events in story and behaviour script

- The GetStatusTurns query in story and behaviour script now returns -1 instead of 0 for statuses with infinite lifetime

- The ItemGetStat query in behaviour script can now also get information about the following properties: VitalityMax, PhysicalArmor, PhysicalArmorPoints, Movement, Fire/Earth/Water/Air/Poison/Piercing/Physical/Corrosive/Magic/ShadowResistance, Initiative, Willpower, Bodybuilding

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Editor (v3.0.171.369)

- Coordinates in the bottom bar (right corner) now update again.

- Story editor correctly shows a grey backdrop only for inherited scripts. Scripts in your own mod are white again.

- You can now re-open stats files again after closing them.

- Stats have been updated to reflect the latest game patch.

- Updated the Maya export scripts. Please reinstall to ge the latest fixes/improvements. Information about animation exporting added to the wiki.

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Editor (v3.0.182.134)
(Game v3.0.180.158)

Known Issues

- Fixed the “Can’t load texture for preview of icon!” error on opening the character Icon dialog

- Instance painting with existing instance groups now works in inherited levels

- Answer dialog nodes with "Wait for x seconds" as the transition mode display their text properly again


- Added localization modding support
-- Add your localization files to "Data/Mods/{YourMod}/Localization/..." in the same structure as currently in "Data/Localization/..."

- Added video modding support
-- Add your localization files to "Data/Mods/{YourMod}/Localization/{YourLanguage}/Video/..." in the same structure as currently in "Data/Localization/{YourLanguage}/Video/..."
-- Story script calls:
--- MoviePlay(_char, "YourVideoNameNoExtension")
--- MovieFinished("YourVideoNameNoExtension")
-- Your mod needs to be republished for this to work

- Level data of inherited levels can now be edited

- Added several new category filters to the Steam Workshop


- Added new OnCharacterStartAttackObject and OnCharacterStartAttackPosition events in behaviour script, and the equivalent CharacterStartAttackObject and CharacterStartAttackPosition events in story

- Added ItemAddDeltaModifier and ItemHasDeltaModifier in story and behaviour script

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Editor (v3.0.182.134)

- Added Localization Wiki Page and example files in "~DivinityEngineDataPath~\Data\Editor\Localization\" for language modding. (I, for one, am looking very much forward to your Pirate English fan translation... hint hint wink wink)

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