This is a post where we can suggest to Larian to add more heroes *cough*, sorry meant gladiator to the arena mode, hopefully in the future after the woes of the community regarding single player are sorted,arenas could become a thing.

Rules for gladiator creation
1)Max level should be 10
2)Mnemonic,Lonewolf,Escapist and Five Star Diner are talents you CAN NOT use for your gladiator.
3)your gladiator's items will not provide any bonuses what so ever (imagine there are only white items in game)
4)Unlike the current gladiator mode,assume that Larian has a change of heart and will want to disable the feature that lets us have multiple copies of the same gladiator (imagine some sort of moba like promotions will take place where they try to get us to care about the gladiators,which will all be free,because we bought the game - got it Larian?)
5)The skills your gladiator can learn must not have a requirement that is higher than 2 in it's specific school of combat (unless said skill costs Source)
6)The following skills are changed due to the insane value they provide (damage wise) in single player campain

*Apotheosis,Reactive Shot and Door to Enernity are removed from arena mode
*Searing Daggers now costs 1 source point and 2 ap,but you can launch twice as many daggers (initialy I wanted to nerf this to 3 ap,but I figured that this skill would still be too good in arena)
*Forced Exchange costs 2 ap and 2 source points
*Equalise and Flay skin costs 3 source points
*Etheral storm costs 3 ap and 3 source points
*Dimensional Bolt costs 1 ap
*Living on the Edge costs 3 source points and has it's cooldown reduced to 1
*Grasp of the Starved costs 3 ap and 1 source point
*Balistic Shot and Sky shot cost 3 ap
*Acid spores costs 3 Source points