i'm new to the game and a little bit confused about what to skill and wich traits to pick it's overwehlming for me.

First of all i'm not a great fan of hybridclasses. I mostly like the paladin and necromantic type of classes. So i've created a two handed knight and a witch.
After the tutorial dungeon i'm thinking this game is mostly designed about pairing elements and effect together. I've also get the Mage and Ranger companions in the first city.
Atm im really clueless what for traits are needed to get a smooth walktrough.
I'm thinking about to restart and giving my witch pyro as second elemental force and my knight a more tanky shield and sword thing. So she can put more points into witchcraft and pyro and he could hopefully tank.
I also think it's better to specialize my chars. The Mage has already blacksmith if he joins the party so i'm thinking he would be my crafting guy. On the other hand i'm thinking to get the Ranger lady into sneaking and lockpicking, but i don't know if this is a must have later on.
For the social skills i have no clue wich i should use and whom i should give them, maybe to my knight.
I also can't decide wich skills/traits are must haves, and wich are not really usefull at all.
Over all i have the feeling you can easily mess up with the chardevelopment because this game feels really oldschool but i have not so much playtime to reroll after 10-12 already played hours just in case i screwed the whole thing up.

So maybe you could give me some advice. I do not want optimized min/max chars just a little push in the rigth direction what could be usefull at all.

Thanks for your time and answers.