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#641289 26/01/18 11:33 PM
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I think most of us that are making maps have a few interesting "building blocks" that are made up of different things put togheter.

I thought it would be nice to give eachother some ideas of what is possible to make beyond the ordinary original pieces.

I'll go first with one of mine.

Circular buildings.
You can take any wall and make it semi circular and I'll go throught the instruction to do so.
This technique are dependent on both the translate tool and the rotate tool.
I'll give you a picture first to give you an idea of what I mean:


So, how to do it. take any wall piece and make it the smallest whole wallpiece you can and change the ends so they are interior pieces (this will give the interior a nice seamless surface all around).

2. Make one wall piece that is made up of two "ends" just draw the wall out into the smalles possible blocks.. two ends and change them to exterior pieces..

3.Place the end piece as you see in the picture.
The First one is placed so it covers the interior end of the large wall. this is the most important part to get right.
these two pieces needs to be placed exactly in the same position on both sides.
I use the windows as a reference point to get them in the right position on both sides. depthwise you just copy the first pice and drag it to the side on the Axis.
after this is done you have your "building block"

4.Copy the first building block and drag it to the side.
I've done both 45 degrees and 22.5 degrees in the picture.
you can see the settings i use in the picture.

5. Copy the block, Rotate the block and guide it into place where the two "blocks" meet. I use the snap to grid feature for this, just make sure the first "block" is on the same grid. just move the first one around once you activate the grid to get it to snap and then attach the second. (see my settings for the grid. size of the grid is important)

6. The tricky part is to find that perfect spot where the walls meet but once you have a few you can copy them all and rotate the copy just in the same way you did with a single "block".
To find that perfect spot you will need to swap between normal grid and hex grid depending on what angle the piece you are working with has.
If just make the small one with 45 degrees you need only hex grid. the 22.5 degree circle you need to alternate between hex and normal for every other piece.

You can do this with any wall.
I like to make odd shapes for my buildings and this is one way to do it.
I hope you like it and that you will use it.

Let us fill this thread with techniques and objects that we can all be inspired of.

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This is very nice. thanks for sharing smile. Can I persuade you to make a short video as a companion to this description (I'm a very visual guy, I learn best by seeing stuff). You don't have to talk or anything, just show how it's done. That would be awesome smile.

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