This is actually a personal project that I started for a couple of my friends who wanted to play a DnD type RPG campaign. Posting here mostly looking for suggestions since it's my first time making anything of this sort.

This is going to be a GM mode campaign. The full story should be at least 10 hours long (hopefully). It is NOT a DnD campaign and will be following certain custom mechanics. I have full lore, side and main quests, dialogues and custom mechanics fully documented. Will be posting links later after I clean them up a little.

Most of the maps are going to be custom made by me. Though since I'm just making these maps for my friends, they're a little rough around the edges (also on a 3 month time budget for a pretty long campaign, so cutting as many corners as possible). If people are interested in potentially play testing these maps though... Will not say no to any help polishing these maps.

There is also a possibility that if the GM campaign turns to be a success with my friends, I'll attempt to make this a standalone adventure you can play without a GM.

Maps so far:

Will keep updating as I go. Feedback appreciated. ^_^