I think a lot of us would like to hear something on any plans for the features we have been hoping for but this is a more specific issue.

I want to know how you intended people to handle long running or multiple act campaigns.

Here is what I mean.

If I make a separate act 2 as a new campaign I would have to remake all the player's gear. This isn't possible in gm mode because you can't add all the effects to items in gm mode that they might get in random looting. Not being able to add effects to items in gm mode is also its own issue that most of us don't understand.

I can't make act 2 in the engine as a mod that can be added because you can not add vignetts or stickies in the engine.

I can't build the campaign as we go if I want to release it on the workshop because there is no scene exporter so I would have to remake any scene I add while playing again in the original prepare mode.

So what would be the intended way for one to proceed? If we had some guidance on if we might be getting added feature wise for GM mode we would know how to handle situations like this.

I feel like the engine is forced on those of us who just want to use GM mode but even that doesn't do everything.

The only solutions to this issue I see would be player and or scene exporting or better item customization inside gm mode.