I find that testing can take so much time that it becomes insane.

I wanted to ask the question and I will give an example or two.

Its good to share because some folks are doing things I would never have thought of when testing out a level or quest/dialog, please share!

One example is when setting a flag to test a dialog event or journal update. It can become crazy to run about and set 5-8 flags on your Dummy to test with. So write another dialog that just gives those specific flags you want to test with, then go talk to that NPC. Planning the dialog along with the test plan is a good idea.

You just will not have enough man hours to run around and test big complicated quest Dialogs manually, that involve many flags to be set. If you have a problem that needs debugging, using a utility type script/dialog to maximize your time, to cheat the flag on to your dummy, will manage your time better.

Here is another example.
Recently testing a dialog journal update. The dialog has a few flags that needed set. In once case the PC needs 125,000 gold. I am not talking about checking the gold amount in the conversation. I am talking about adding 125K to your dummy for testing before testing the dialog flag. Oh, and add in a few flags from other NPC dialogs to make it complicated to collect the flags to test the final event!

Is there a fast way to test a complex dialog that need 4-6 flags to finally complete? Yes, its called another script or dialog that sets those flags for testing...

In my case with the 125k in gold I needed my dummy to have. I needed to add 125K gold to my dummy in a test area, so I could load the other level and test my dialog flag! IIRC max Treasure reward on the gold pile object "goldpile" is 800-1300 gold that can be dropped to the ground. The dummy would have to pick up a lot of gold piles to get 125k to test so script the test solution.

I am in no way a good or even an ok scripter. But you can't manually test this stuff in human hours.

thoughts? Meh not sure if that wall of text even makes sense...

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