Hey everyone!

I am a Level Design student who as part of my portfolio plan to create a small adventure mod. I figured that I would try and post some of my progress and thoughts here as the project unfolds. Not only could it be interesting for others who might try similar projects, but it will hopefully also be a way for me to get feedback.. This will be the first time working in the engine, so this will definitely be a new adventure.

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To start things off I would like to establish the goals and conditions I have going into the project:

2-3 Weeks of development time 4 hours a day.
Play-length around 15-30 minutes.
2 Player support.
The project should feel complete with a late beta-gold level finish.

Design Goals
Emphasis on multiplayer Co-Op gameplay.
- This should be evident through puzzle and encounter design

Show competence within an In-House engine.
- Prove that I can adapt and learn within a foreign work-flow and framework.

Focus on level-specific scripting with a solid technical implementation
- Scripting within Story (Osiris)
- - I want to create several custom puzzles.
- - A main quest with appropriate Journal implementation
- - Some Encounter and Ai related events
- If time allows I might dive into Behaviour-Scripts as well, but that’s a big if.

Create a serviceable narrative wrapper around the adventure
- Due to the scope and time of this project, the story will probably take a back-seat with gameplay taking focus

The projects should feel like it could fit within Divinity Orginal Sin 2.
- the Design philosophies should try and mirror those found in the base game.
- - A Systematic approach combat encounters.
- - Open-ended and player centric solutions.
- The Environment and Story should also fit within the Game World.

Lastly I would like work as iteratively as possible, by engaging with feedback from here, and from people at my school.

This is just a starting point, and I am excited to see how the project will develop and evolve over time.

Any type of feedback is more than appreciated!

Next up, I’ll write a small post about how I started the project, determined the scope and began the first blockout-pass. Hopefully abit more interesting, and with more pictures to boot! ^^


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