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Source Control Generator #646632
07/06/18 01:22 AM
07/06/18 01:22 AM
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LaughingLeader Offline OP
LaughingLeader  Offline OP

Joined: May 2017
Posts: 349
Hi everyone. So I've been working on a little program for the past few months, to ease effort in backing up mod projects, creating git repositories for those projects, and more, called...

Source Control Generator


Releases (Download Here)

Main Features:

Easy Git Repository Creation
    • Git repositories for projects can be created with a minimal amount of clicks.

Backup Projects in Bulk
    • Projects can be archived with one click and saved to a specific directory.

Save Time Through Templates & Keywords
    • Text files that need to exist for each project (readme, changelog, license, etc.) can be auto-generated through templates.
    • Templates are customizable with keywords and are made to be completely extensible.
    • New templates can be created, and new keywords defined.

Project Customization via Modules
    • Modules allow SCG to support projects of specific types, such as Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods.

Markdown Converter
    • SCG contains a built-in Markdown converter, for converting markdown to various formats, such as BBcode and HTML.

SCG comes with a Divinity: Original Sin 2 module, which allows it to detect DOS2 mods for backing up and creating git repositories (with junctions!).

DOS2 Features:
Once the DOS2 data path is set, existing mod projects will show up in the "Available Projects" list.

[Linked Image]

Managed Projects List

Managed mod projects display a variety of useful information:

[Linked Image]

Each mod project entry contains a set of shortcuts for navigating to its various folders within the DOS2 data folder:

[Linked Image]

Projects with a Readme have a button that opens it up within the Markdown Converter:

[Linked Image]

Markdown (Reddit, Github, Discord formatting) can be converted and saved to Steam Workshop BBCode, Nexus Mods BBCode, and Larian Forums UBBCode, all at once:

[Linked Image]

Git Generator

Creating git repositories for your mods, for proper source control and backup/versioning, is made simple through SCG.


When creating git repositories for mod projects, junctions are created for the various mod folders within the Data folder. The following folders are junctioned by default:

• Editor/Mods/ModName_UUID
• Mods/ModName_UUID
• Projects/ModName
• Public/ModName_UUID

Junctions allow the mod to be source controlled by git, without physically moving the folders out of the data folder.

Templates & Keywords

Templates allow you to save some time when creating git repositories. They allow you to create basic files with keywords that are used when generating the git repository. For example, here's a basic readme file:

[Linked Image]

Two keywords that stand out here are "$ProjectName for $ModuleName". If we look at the keywords screen:

[Linked Image]

$ProjectName is replaced by the mod's display name, and $ModuleName is replaced by "Divinity: Original Sin 2".

Keywords come with system keywords, such as mod data, data keywords, which use the current date when replaced, and user keywords, which can be customized by the user.


So that's the basic gist of SCG. Hopefully this little tool will aid in backing up your mod projects, and save you time in adding source control to your mods.

Since this is the first public release of SCG, I'm sure I haven't ironed out all the bugs yet, so feel free to report bugs and/or feature requests here:
SCG Issue Tracker

And give this a glance for bug report formatting and whatnot: Contributing Guide

Thanks for reading! mage

Re: Source Control Generator [Re: LaughingLeader] #646633
07/06/18 01:37 AM
07/06/18 01:37 AM
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The Composer Offline

The Composer  Offline


Joined: Sep 2017
Posts: 874
Just installed! I won't have enough time to comfortably tinker and play with it until the weekend, but holy macaroni how useful it seem to be! +1 hype!

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