Hello everyone, thank you for continuing modding support through the Definitive Edition! It's always awesome to know you guys have our backs smile

That being said, I have observed a number of issues introduced in the Definitive Edition's Editor--I apologize if you are already aware of these, but here they are:

- Camera stutter in populated areas has gotten far worse.
- Footprint FX are spamming errors, which appears to have a serious toll on performance.
- Story Editor's helper "popup menu" gets in the way of typing. Please include an option to limit it to manually triggering it via CTRL+Space.
- Terrain shaping brushes wrap around any objects under the brush, not only terrain (only terrain was ideal).
- Terrain cut tool can no longer be resized to a size of 1.
- Can no longer click/see through cut terrain.
- Selections in any docked panels are lost if your cursor moves into the "game-world" window.
- You cannot move your camera around if your cursor is not in the game-world window.
- Camera gets "frozen" sometimes. Switching to a different interaction mode appears to fix this.
- There is no longer any way to *temporarily* display the bounds of (specifically) your currently selected trigger--you can only toggle bound display on/off on the selected trigger. This makes reviewing many triggers tedious because you need to manually toggle bound display on when you select a trigger, and off (before deslecting the trigger!) when you are finished.
- When the editor is loading for a long time, the game-world window has a black rectangle placed over it, and this black rectangle holds render priority over any other program's windows.
- The editor can sometimes stop rendering the game-world entirely, and needs to be restarted.
- The "..." button on sidebar fields becomes hidden if your right-hand sidebar pane is sized smaller than it wants.
- Building story is much slower than previously.

Thank you for your time!

Last edited by Ameranth; 18/09/18 07:06 AM.