Hi, first sorry if it's not the right category to post about Divinity Engine 2.

So i tried to create a script to involve three speaking characters in a dialog, but i'm stuck. When i want to build it in the script editor, it shows me an error message saying "Can't save files ! Build aborted."

So here is what i can tell you :

- My script is not saved inside a category from the Script Editor. It is a "category" just like "Journal" named "Sedras et Rokan".

- My script is the following (Sedras and Rokan are the characters's names, "Sedras et Rokan" is the name of the dialog.) :

DB_Dialogs (Sedras_first_encounter_cff21503-5199-47c9-a8ff-a03ad8f28724, Rokan_first_encounter_51699c56-1878-4235-b7f2-d6f3566aac67, "Sedras et Rokan");

- Characters involved aren't bound by any quest.

Any idea to make this work ?

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