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Did you ever find yourself adoring the Pet Pal talent in Divinity Original Sin 2, yet also experiencing profound moments of regret after hearing one furry lamentation after another? Well, Windemere and Nimue are here to console you.

We are seeking lovers of Divinity Original Sin 2 who are willing to test our add-on module to the original campaign that re-designs the “Finding Emmie” quest in Fort Joy to offer a path with a happy ending. While we continue to work on overall polish to the quest, the story and gameplay themselves are complete and ready to be exposed to all of the crazy things that you will do and we didn’t take into account. Testing will begin in about a week. If you would like to participate in this closed beta, please private message me through this channel. Steam access to the game and Discord participation in our private server are highly desired. Thank you for your interest!

DOS2 Mods: Happily Emmie After and The Noisy Crypt

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