Hi guys,

I've had Divinity for some 4 years now, bought on a sale and had simply forgotten about it until I played POE1 and POE2 recently.

Now I try to play games that are not CRPGs but can't. I simply miss the complexity and massive number of possibilites.

So I'll be starting Divinity soon on the PS4, and would like to ask the veterans for Rogue builds, since is my favorite class in RPGs, both tabletop and PC. I specially enjoy playing assassins, or assassin types if the game doesn't have the actual class. By that I mean minmax glass canon builds focusing on killing enemies in one blow and getting into stealth to do the same with the next enemy.

I LOVE minmax and creating the most broken OP character possible, so please, go wild and don't mind about balanced builds or builds that focus on dialog or non combat options. I'll most likely be putting it to use on the highest difficulty anyway, like I did in POE.

Thanks in advance!