She's sworn so I both assumed and read that, while it really makes no difference, there is a way to give it to her. I sent the Prince in to the oasis with both swornbreakers in his inventory but, she never asked for it. Is there a trick to giving it to her? Did not having them all there make a difference?

On a more humorous note, two games ago, I decided not to kill Alexander. Game 1, I killed the mother tree with death fog but, instead of being sealed underground, it killed all above including Alexander. Strike one. In game 2, Ifan insisted on attacking him; Alexander dies. Strike 2. I guess I have to try the next time without Ifan in tow.

EDIT: I experimented a bit with saves. Apparently, the main character has to be the one leading the conversation. I did divide the swornbreakers between the two of them so it may also be needed to be in the possession of the main character.

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