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Joined: Jun 2020
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Joined: Jun 2020
GTX 1080 with the newest Nvidia driver.
Win 10.
16 GB RAM.

No crashing issues with any other games. Played hundreds of hours into other Divinity games. No issues either.

Problem description:

Divinity 2 Developer's Cut on Steam: crashes upon loading into Aleroth very, very often. It did when I tried it back in Ego Draconis from the Fjords or from the Tower. It still does it now in Flames of Vengeance if I want to load from anywhere else into Aleroth (the tower and other maps, like houses or dungeons in Aleroth when I'm simply trying to go outside). Crashes basically on trying to load into Aleroth from literally ANYWHERE, more than half of the times.

Things I tried so far:

-closing every other program besides Steam and the game exe
-running it in 1280x720
-running either of the .exes as admin
-completely deinstalling and reinstalling the game
-verifying integrity of the game files via game settings in Steam
-turning every graphics setting to the minimum and/or off
-Lockstep on
-Lockstep off
-changing the FPS cap to various values
-windowed mode (Fullscreen=0)
-installing physx from the "Support" folder within the game directory
-renaming the movie wavs, although I have no issues whatsoever with any cutscenes in the game and I'm far past the Aleroth introductory cutscene

and I don't even know anymore what else. Feels like I spent more time on trying to fix the bs with the crashes than playing the actual game.
PS: Not playing with any debug cheats on. Currently testing WinXP compability mode with admin rights on the debug .exe. Capped it to 30 FPS to be safe.

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Joined: Mar 2003
Location: Canada

Try the 4GB Patch to increase the amount of virtual memory that the game (or any 32 bit application) can access in 64 bit versions of Windows.

Did you disable vsync, as well? One person reported that that and XP compatibility mode helped with hanging loading screens when transitioning between areas.

If you run the Developer Mode version of the game, does using the cheat window function to teleport back to Aleroth (check the level name before leaving, or teleport to a character in Aleroth) avoid the crash?

Game Loads for ever

Joined: Jun 2020
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Joined: Jun 2020
Yes, I tried disabling V-Sync too, but now I'm running on max graphics settings again with V-Sync back on since the solution for me personally was apparently to cap the game to 30 FPS (as games used to be back then) plus run the .exe in WinXP compability mode.
Had no crashes since then. So keeping this post in the archive for others who could run into the same issue.

Edit: Oh and disabling Steam overlay as well. Not sure which one of those fixed it.

Thanks anyway for your time, Raze.

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