Apologies if this question has been asked before, but after a few hours of searching I haven't been able to find anything on it.

I'm trying to edit some of the models, which I've done quite a bit of for this game, though that was a few years back.
Can't seem to get it working now, though.

I can get the model into the program I use, Blender, just fine and make the edits I want. Problem comes when I try to convert the edited DAE back to GR2.
I end up getting the following error:

System.Exception: NaN tangent - possible UV coordinate reuse? UV1(0, 1) UV2(0, 1) UV3(0, 1)

at LSLib.Granny.Model.ColladaMesh.computeTangents()

at LSLib.Granny.Model.ColladaMesh.ImportFromCollada(mesh mesh, VertexDescriptor vertexFormat, Boolean isSkinned, ExporterOptions options)

at LSLib.Granny.Model.ColladaImporter.ImportMesh(geometry geom, mesh mesh, VertexDescriptor vertexFormat)

at LSLib.Granny.Model.ColladaImporter.ImportMesh(Root root, String name, geometry geom, mesh mesh, VertexDescriptor vertexFormat)

at LSLib.Granny.Model.ColladaImporter.Import(String inputPath)

at LSLib.Granny.GR2Utils.LoadModel(String inputPath, ExporterOptions options)

at LSLib.Granny.GR2Utils.ConvertModels(String inputDirectoryPath, String outputDirectoryPath, Exporter exporter)

So... anyone have any clue what that means? >.>

Edit: After further testing, it seems to be only that one head that does that. All the other seem to work fine, save for that one for some reason...

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