Hello modding community,

I come to you in a time of need.

For some reason while I am using Divinity Engine 2 about half of my sound resources are missing. What I mean is that in the resource manager they are present, but colored red and if I am to use any of them I am getting a following error message:

Couldn't find file G:/Steam/steamapps/common/Divinity Original Sin 2/DefEd/Data/Public/Shared/Assets/Sound/Ambiances.bnk for the resource Amb_Vol_Cys_BurnedArea


The DefEd/Data/Public/Shared/Assets/Sound/Ambiances.bnk file indeed does not exist, but neither is the DefEd/Data/Public/Shared/Assets directory.

I have tried verifying the files on both the game and editor, no issues were found. Tried looking for the Ambiances.bnk file in other directories and only found one in the first Original Sin game (which does not work with the second one). Finally, reinstalled both the game and editor but the issue is still there.

Other than the sound resources I don't think anything else is missing.

Is this something obviously easy to fix as I have not found any similar issue on this forum. Does anyone have an idea?

I'll be grateful for any help. Thanks smile