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I have an issue to ask about related to the conversation that happens after the last fight (with Braccus Rex/Lucian/Dallis):

I chose Lohse as my main and and my companions were Sebille (romanced), Red Prince and Fane. Before entering the Academy on Act 3, all of them backed my claim to Divinity (I got the entries in the journal and the achievement for it as well). I completed all of their personal quests; all of the companion subquests were marked as closed, with only the quest with their names remaining open (and the last entry for all of them was "Divinity beckons..."). By the time we entered the Tomb of Lucian, their attitudes were all high: 99 with Sebille, 78 with Fane, 76 with Red Prince.

However, after beating Braccus, only Sebille backed my claim to Divinity. Both Fane and Red Prince said they would not allow me to become Divine, and that they would fight me for it. Since Sebille's attitude was close to 100 and the others weren't, I thought it might be a low Persuasion score causing this, so loaded an earlier save, went back to the mirror and made sure I had Persuasion 5 on Lohse, then re-checked their attitudes right before entering the Tomb again: all 3 were at 100.

I then went and beat the last fight again, but the exact same thing happened. There wasn't even a Persuation check option on that conversation (either time).

So the question is, what did I do wrong (or did not do) that caused this to happen?


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Joined: Mar 2003
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If you are playing on PC, please email with your save before the Tomb of Lucian (or a Dropbox or Google drive link, etc), and one before entering the academy on the Nameless Isle, if available. If you are using any non-Larian mods, also include a list of those enabled and/or the modsettings.lsx file from your profile folder.
Each save is a folder in the '..\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\PlayerProfiles\<ProfileName>\Savegames\Story' folder.
In Windows Explorer you can zip a file or folder by right clicking on it/them and selecting 'Send To | Compressed (zipped) Folder' (and similarly in OSX/Finder).

PS4 saves can be sent, as well, but they would need to be transferred to a USB flash drive first.
In the Saved Data in System Storage section of the Settings menu, click Copy to USB Storage Device, select the relevant save(s) and Copy. From there you can zip the files, then copy to email or upload somewhere and provide a link.

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