You encouraged us to break the game a little bit, and trying to break it I did.

There's this skeleton ambush in the crypt beneath the starting area chapel. You push a button, and all the skeletons start rising.

Well, I reloaded and before pushing the button I threw them all into the fire ball trap area nearby. Like, this.

[Linked Image]

The next time they tried to rise they were in for quite a surprise.

The good thing is: this actually worked. Systems driven gameplay at its best.

The bad thing is that the cinematic showing the skeletons rising didn't acknowledge any of this. The cinematic played as usual, and showed the skeletons rising clearly in a completely different place. Maybe it's something that could be acknowledged, but it seems the cinematics seem to exist on their own -- that is they are like the cutscenes in oldschool scripted adventure games not able to acknowledge what's actually going on.