First things first. I had a blast. I can't stop thinking abt BG3 like it's the only thing that can occupy my mind rn!!
Thank you for also looking at community feedback!

1.- IPad Pro maybe?
I have all the other Baldurs Gates on my IPad Pro, so I would love to have all of them there!
Nintendo Switch would be a dream come thru tho.

2.- Why would you do us girls and gays dirty and animate [Spoilers]'s romance cutscene who is not even part of the intro team instead of Astarion or Wyll...? (I get Gale's delay but Astarion just gets his Under Construction blank page which if that wasn't hubris IDK what it is lol)
I promise this is my last petty complain, but I kinda actually got a bit...disappointed? when I saw that said Character got priority over fan favorites.
I'm happy there's more romance options, but I just got this bad taste that maybe our side of the fandom will be sidelined? I hope that is not the case.
Anyway. I'm sorry, i just really felt somewhat betrayed.

3.- More Make up options?
Would do a deal with Raphael for some blush and lipstick

4. Please don't Nerf Shoving
I just love shoving people to their untimely dead, at least on casual/easy mode it's really funny

5.- More Expressions for Main Character?
I know maybe it's bc it's just EA so details as such might be pushed to the finishing touches. But, MC's only expression so far while listening to their companions is judgmental raised eyebrow. It kinda felt uncomfortable specially when Astarion was telling me his tragic backstory like please stop judging him he has gone thru so muchhh. I knoow he doesnt like people to have any sort of warm feeling to him, but "you spilled lipstick on my valentino bag /:|" face felt somewhat outta place too

I killed both the goblins and the druids mostly bc I stole the idol for Gale. Ok first I killed the Lady who threatened the child, bc she was just not cooperating. So I had to kill her, althen I went to kill the goblins. When I finished this, I "took" the idol as my reward for saving them, but the druids got mad and I had to fight them. So then the Tieflings became paranoid that the druids were going to kill them, but I got rid of all of them of course except Halsin, which if I attacked the Tieflings would attack me. So I couldn't finish the Questline. I went to the beach and rescued the child as it was suggested on Reddit, but the child went back to the hideout and was freaking out abt the already dead druids. I had to restart from before killing the psycho lady Druid.

Thank you so much for everything!! this is such an excellent game!! love!!