I think Sneak Attack should be a toggle ability like Attacks of Opportunity.

The way Sneak Attack is currently implemented is confusing for people familiar with D&D 5e and those unfimiliar with D&D. For those familiar with D&D 5e, it's confusing because it doesn't not function in the same way it does in the tabletop game (my main gripe with it) and for new players, they are using the Sneak Attack abilities when the target isn't eligeable for Sneak Attack and not realising.

How Sneak Attack is currently implemted nerfs the way it is inteneded to function in tabletop and requires the player to select a seperate attack option specifically for Sneak Attack, twhich further clutters the hotbar. A simple fix (that would make it function as it does in the tabletop game, reduce confusion and hotbar clutter) would be to add it to the toggler bar with Attacks of Opportunity, having Sneak Attack damage be automatically applied to the next successful hit against an eligable target while Sneak Attack is toggled on once during that turn.

This cleaner option, means players are less likely to miss out on their Sneak Attack damage (as it is in tabletop) and allows more tactical control in how Sneak Attack is used, while also being less confusing for both new and experienced players.