I have created a new BG3 forum to corral the various guides, compilations and ongoing discussions so that they can be easily located. Those relevant to this forum are listed below.

A few notes:

  • Why? Because the forums are busy and some significant discussions and contributions are getting lost in the noise. This is an attempt to make them more visible!
  • So why not just pin them? I anticipate there may be quite a few things over time, especially once people start creating guides and stuff. Far too many to pin, and IME people tend to skip over pinned stuff if there's more than a (very) small number.
  • It's fabulous and... actually I hate it. It will be reviewed often; if it works, yay. If it doesn't, we'll think of a better solution.
  • I have An Opinion and must be heard, but can't reply! That's to keep the list available for quick access instead of seeing the latest comment. Please reply here.
  • Why can't I create my own topics in the new forum? Because it would probably be quickly overrun. A moderator can move topics there if it is considered appropriate to do so.
  • The list is a bit short! It will grow over time. Probably.

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