Hello Larian,

I have been playing DOS2 for a while now and something keeps making the experience more difficult than it should be in my opnion: the map.

In order to find where I need to go for a quest, I usually open the map, find the red flag/ yellow flag, then double click on it instinctively, only to find that it will not send my character there. Instead, I can only make a marker. Right-clicking won't do anything.
Thus, in order to get to the flag, I need to select it, then get back in the game, then lead my character blindly towards the pointer on the minimap. If there's an obstacle (river, cliff), then I need to randomly try to go around it until I can finally reach my destination. I have to focus throughout the entire process, when the initial action was to go back to an area I've already discovered. This is very tedious and frustrating.

Intead, I suggest you allow double clicking on the destination from the map, to make your party go where you clicked. This way, I don't have to navigate randomly with my group and wander until I can finally reach my destination. This system was used in the Baldur's gate/icewind dale series with great success.

Thank you for reading my post.

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