A couple of suggestions, thought it may be too late.

1- Maps.
Is there a way to distinguish areas you've actually stepped foot on? The Fog lifts as you walk by but that doesn't necessarily mean you've crossed over everything that gets reveiled. It would be nice if there was a way of showing the places you actually physically stepped though. Maybe keeping that white map outline as grey until you pass into the area? Then it becomes white?

Also, I hope you guys are working on the placement of the characters within a map. Especially the underground maps. I don't know if it's a bug, but my characters are always being shown as if they're Shadowcat phased into a wall. It's really hard to tell where exactly they are. The underground maps are also really blurry for some reason compared to the nice, crisp overworld map.

2- Chests.
Is there a way to distinguish between opened & unopened 'steal' containers the way you do for opened & unopened regular containers? It's hard to know which chests I've already successfully stolen from right now.

And a question.

I have yet to play 5E rules IRL & I know a LOT has changed. I was wondering why we don't get experience for Perception Checks? I could swear we used to get exp for things we discovered by using our skills when I was playing tabletop & in the first 2 BG games.

Thank you very much! I'm really enjoying playing the game so far!

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