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At the moment we can see enemies and the structure of the place (buildings, dungeons, caverns...) behind walls and doors. This breaks the need to use strategy to deal with the unknown. I think a fog of war in those places would be an excellent way to raise the stakes.

More correctly, you think that for your playstyle the option to turn on fog of war would be the cherry on the top.

To me, myself, and I with my playstyle the option switch off fog of war it's the most appreciated (oh come on, why do I hear myself using the accent of oure lovely pale elf? laugh laugh )

Also you can ignore the map and concentrate only on what it's in front of your characters.

And if you feel weird about my last statement, well that's how i feel when I read people asking to eliminate this or that or to add this or that because tehy prefere harder games, it's like there is only your way of playing and what you think is likeable or not, specialy when you can easily ignore or not use some of the stuff thought to be nerfing the difficulty of the game (like healing foods: don't think they are coherent with the RPG idea you have? Don't eat them, ehy you can avoid picking food at all, the game mechanics don't force to pick food, while reality is more complex and the best option is not to ask to eliminate or add but to make the game options rich enough to allow personalized playstyles satisfiing enough to the single player.

That's why I hope Larian will put different difficulty levels, add the option to toggle on or off the minimap, and so on.

Freedom of customization of the difficulty for all ^^