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1) Read the below, check the list provided above and let me know what features contributed to building bg2 as a game and which of them should be added to bg3. The list is very long so don't feel obliged to address everything at once.

2) The list isn't exhaustive of all the features mentioned on the forum. It's BG2 vs BG3 only.

The colors visible in the document:
The logic behind the colors assigned to each row is explained in the document.
The decision for a particular feature to be changed according to its predecessor or not is obviously Larian's call to make. When we reach the point where it's a question of preferences we reached our goal when it comes to addressing a feature.

I'm trying to differentiate changing a feature to resemble BG2 for the sake of it from changing it with a defined purpose in mind . The night cycle being a good example. The current implementation in BG3 is different from BG2. Is there anything else than immersion that speaks for it?(There is a separate thread about it, not listed in major threads so once something is found please

The important thing to keep in mind :
1)The moment this conversation drives back to BG3 VS DOS2 I will eat my keyboard. This is my attempt to get those conversations somewhere constructive. Be mindful of my stomach when commenting.

2)Some features are massive ( king of the hill) so it's a separate thread while remaining a valid argument for capturing the spirit of bg2.

Desired outcome:
We will have a list of features BG2 done differently and how it could impact the gameplay in BG3 in a positive or negative manner if implemented.

Last list update:


Isn't the whole forum about what we want in BG3?

It is. I try to narrow the subject to look at it from BG2 perspective.

If we agree a feature was done in a different way in BG2 and contributed to the gameplay what do we do next?

Nothing. We want to gather the feedback in the most organised way we can. It's the best we can do if we think something is off about BG3.

Will you update the list on regular basis or do i need to read every comment to address it?

I will do my best. If there's too many people leaving comments I might not be able to in which case I will edit this post and let you know what kind of steps i will take to solve this issue.

Is it a B3 VS DOS2 thread?

No. Those threads exist though, and it's an attempt to take a summary of everything that was mentioned in them and bring it to "problem-solving" mindset.

How a feature impacts the gameplay is a matter of preference to begin with :

It is. To some extent, it will be difficult to stay focused on cold mechanics ( identifying items being the best example after me). Let's do our best.

Why is the starting point comparison of BG3 features VS DOS2?

Going back to BG2 solutions for the sake of it is a matter of preference in addressing certain aspects of the gameplay(UI for instance). But dropping it entirely in favour of DOS2 probably isn't necessary. If there are things from BG2 UI that worked differently and better (after us) then why not use a pre-existing solution?

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Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.