As title reads, please Larian, we seriously need more hotbars. You let us all mod the game in so many ways, so many wonderful mods have been created, amazing new class mods, new items and skills created from mods, you've even suggested a mod yourself in the most recent Steam update (Relics of Rivellon) so you guys do seem to be aware of all the great mods out there. But 5 hotbars just is not enough for those of us that are trying to enjoy the game to the fullest, making use of all these mods that add so many new classes, each with their own set of skills, hundreds of new items added to the game from mods that we want to make use of on top of all the items and skills already in the base game.

Right now I'm in a tight spot where I want to try some new class mods but I can't because I have no room in my hotbars for the new skills so I'm just stuck. Modders would've added more hotbars a long time ago but it's just too difficult to do so for most. So I hope you guys can give what so many of us have been waiting for, more hotbars! An infinite amount would be perfect but maybe around 20-50 is good enough for most. Yes these are big numbers for hotbars but we also have a very large modding community with over a thousand mods out there easily, I estimate probably 50+ different class mods out there, thousands of new items added to the game from mods like Crafting Overhaul and more.

For a lot of games out there it seems like it's a waste of time making suggestions but I hope you guys are different at Larian and do look at the suggestion forums you guys do seem to care a lot about your games looking at your twitter posts and you've put a lot of love into Divinity. I think this is something that would be a big help for a very large number of players, especially those of us who love using mods to give us a much more enjoyable gameplay experience.