Hello all,
I've managed to get my game into a completely broken state. (Update: Recoverable, but in a messy way)

It started when I had a certain interaction with a companion at the base camp, which left my main character dead.
(The companion runs away saying "Oh no, a terrible thing has happened!")

I thought, uh oh, I better take the rest of my characters off to find a vendor for a revivify scroll, so I left camp.
My companions arrived back on the main map, but the main player character remained dead.

When I tried to travel back to camp, it just says "One of your characters is unable to travel at this time".

I managed to get back to camp with Fast Travel.. but this seemed to trigger another bug!
One of the companions who was not currently in my active group turned hostile, completely randomly, and I had to fight them... Weird. Was that meant to happen?
I've knocked them out, but now I don't know if they'll return, or in what state.

After some googling I discovered there was another person who could resurrect my main character at camp for a fee, and was able to resurrect them.

The companion who accidentally killed me was able to chat now, but the dialogue was not-quite-right.
They said they had apologised already -- when they hadn't.
Then they mentioned stuff about a Raphael and Cazador, as if I knew them, but I don't think I've met those people yet.

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