When I get the Caravan Strong Box:

1 Go back to camp

2 Drop the strong box, no lock pick, make a save game(s1)

3 Talk to Gale, must have option to give him item to consume. In my case, both staff of crones(Gale equiped) and iron flask
- Bug 1 : Strong box is not open yet, iron flask should not be available
- Bug 2 : If I select iron flask for Gale consumption, then save game(s2). Loading that save game(s2) will crash the game.

4 repeat from s1, let Gale consume the iron flask. Don't lock pick the strong box, hand the box to Zarys and get pay if I didn't lock pick it. At this point, if I save(s3), loading s3 will not crash.

5 But if I pickpocket Zarys and get the box back and drop it in camp, save(s4), loading s4 will crash.

PS: If lock pick and open strong box after Gale consume iron flask, there is no flask in strong box, so that part is correct ...

PS: Staff of crones is equipped by Gale, shouldn't the option look a bit different? The staff is in his hand.

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