When i read the note to disarm the Magic trap in the Owl Bear cave on the chest the cleric dialog worked until i had to

roll the die then went into a endless loop rolling over & over. i reloaded the game 20+ times same thing. i am not sure if i killed

the Owe bear or not cause i started over from an older save cause i wanted different spells from the Eldridge Fighter & Rogue!!!

Please help or fix TYVM!!! i Killed the Owl Bear it does not make a difference it still rolls in an endless loop so i have to reload every time!!!

i Downloading the latest Nvidia 1080 GTX TI drivers, that did not help, i really want to open this chest to sell items for a sword!!!

ok i got it to open i added to wares dropped it then opened it still had to roll a dex save no clue why passed then got the items FYI

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